I have always wanted a Cardboard Deer Head like the ones you see at trendy shops or at http://www.cardboardsafari.com/shop/product_cbs1002.php but couldn't justify spending money on something I know I can make myself.

In this Instructable I will show you how I made my Cardboard Deer Head. Its not perfect but I am happy with it. The total project took me about 10+ hours off and on. My best advice is too take breaks and don't get frustrated (cutting gets a little tedious).  If you had a laser cutter this would probably take you less than 30 minutes of actual work.

Cutting cardboard can be difficult. Please be careful to not cut yourself, always cut away from yourself!

Shall we get started?

Step 1: Supplies and Materials

The Best part about this Instructable? ITS FREE! That"s right free, that is of course if you have most of the supplies on hand.

Box Cutter
Hot glue gun
Tape (masking tape works well)

Optional (but recommended)

Cardboard (best if it is clean, not bent up, and doesn't have anything printed on it)
Template printed off (I attached a .zip file with the template scaled so you can print at any standard printer. Also a much larger .png file if you want to scale up or play with)
Pop top
<p>I made it with a little modification and it still looks great (even better in my opinion). I didn't want to spend too much time on it, so I only made the 1, 3, 6, 11 and 13 parts (plus obviously the head and antlers).</p><p>Great project !</p>
<p>Here's how the shield and the fittings to lock the neck to the shield turned out.</p>
<p>I love it, can you send me to sansvisage.cat@gmail.com pleaseee? hank you, and have a nice day!</p>
<p>Here's how it fits onto a 4 foot x 2 foot piece of 3mm ply.</p><p>There are two cut lines across the ply that indicate where it separates into three pieces, so that each piece will fit into the 24&quot; x 18&quot; working area of my ULS VLS4.60 LASER.</p><p>The shield is in 3 layers that are glued together. I used 5 minute epoxy. They have to be assembled in the right order for the fittings on the spine and the two parallel outrigger pieces to mate with the shield. </p><p>If you look at the attached image, you'll see how the pieces lock together</p><p> If anybody wants it, I have the file for an assembly jig that holds the 3 shield pieces in the correct positions while the glue sets.</p><p>The main spine is in two layers that are glued together back to back. I made one deer head using 5 minute epoxy glue to join the two halves of the spine, and one using Duck brand Permanent Double Stick Tape. Both worked successfully, but you'll need a lot of small clamps or clothespins to hold the pieces together while the epoxy sets.</p><p>While I sized it for 3mm ply, the ply that I have been getting lately from my local Home Depot is actually 2.75 mm thick, so the sections from the ears forward were sized for 2.75 mm and 5.5mm slots to reduce the tendency of the parts to wobble.</p><p>My experience is that the antler section is very prone to breakage, so I arranged the pieces so that a spare could be cut out of what would otherwise be wasted material.<br><br><a href="http://www.anobviousdistraction.com/in15/deer_3mm_ply_X5.cdr" rel="nofollow">CorelDRAW X5 file</a> (500KB)</p><p><a href="http://www.anobviousdistraction.com/in15/deer_3mm_ply.dxf" rel="nofollow">DXF file</a> (6MB)</p><p>.You may have to separate the 3 pieces in your graphics software, but when separated, the pieces should fit into most platform style LASER cutters.</p>
<p>Hi James </p><p>What is the licensing on this file? May I have your permission to make and sell a few of these at a local craft show that i'll be exhibiting at? </p><p>Thanks </p><p>Jim</p>
<p>For those interested, <a href="http://www.anobviousdistraction.com/in15/deer_shield_assembler_jig.dxf" rel="nofollow">here's the DXF file</a> for the jig to hold the 3 pieces of the shield in the correct alignment for gluing. It is sized for 3 mm ply that I used for the deer head pieces, but it is quite loose with the 2.75mm ply I have been getting.The attached photograph shows how it slots together.<br><br>The front section of the shield goes into the assembler first (good ply side down) and with the top of the shield at the (as shown) right end of the assembler. The glue is applied, and the middle section gets placed on top, and then more glue and the back section is fitted. Clamps, clothes pins, or fold back clips placed around the edge of the shield hold the three pieces together while the epoxy cures.</p>
<p>James B...maybe I am not seeing it but is the pattern for the locking neck to the shield in the pattern - can you send it to me? That idea is so great!!!!</p>
<p>This side profile of the neck section of the spine piece and the corresponding slice through the three glued layers that make up the shield, should make the detail of the locking shapes just a little easier to understand.</p>
<p>Can you please send be the DXF file at fermatrix@outlook.com . Thanks!</p>
<p>a copy of your plans would be a great addition and save me a lot of work if possible. kind regards. sandra.bryant@stft.nhs.uk</p>
<p>Redrawn and scaled for 3 mm plywood. Worked out great.</p><p>DXF file available if anyone wants it.</p>
<p>I love it, can you send me to sansvisage.cat@gmail.com pleaseee? hank you!</p>
<p>Can you send me to gabrielareym@gmail.com please? thanks :)</p>
<p>can you send DXF to profvinimat@hotmail.com?? thanks!!</p>
<p>Good day. Can you send DXF to dpdd.nick@gmail.com please. Thank you!</p>
<p>Good day. Can you send DXF to dpdd.nick@gmail.com please. Thank you!</p>
<p>Can you send the file to edu.guzmn@gmail.com ?</p>
<p>Wow! Looks fantastic! Do you still have the DXF file for the Deer Head?</p>
<p>Woow, nice job! It looks great !<br>I would like to try to do it too.. Could you please send me the DXF file at mariepaulerivot@wanadoo.fr<br>Many thanks in advance and i wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.</p>
<p>you can send me the dxf file please?!? misschumi01@gmail.com THANX</p>
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<p>Great job Claptrap!!!,</p><p>Could you send me the .DXF files of your Deer Head?</p><p>My e-mail adress is: santy35@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Could you please send me the DXF file to news1breck@gmail.com Thank you,</p>
<p>me!!!! mariana@fragmento.mx</p>
<p>I dont know that you got this post but could you email the DXF file please? Thank you</p><p> news1breck@gmail.com</p>
<p>HELLO COULD YOU EMAIL ME THE DXF FILE PLEASE? THANK YOU</p><p>news1breck@gmail.com</p>
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Could you email me the DXF file? Thanks! allenp5@students.rowan.edu
<p>Hey, could you please send the DXF to me.</p><p>r_laborin7@hotmail.com</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Hey, could you please send the DXF to me.</p><p>r_laborin7@hotmail.com</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Hi Claptrap,</p><p>I would very much appreciate getting the .dxf file!<br>Please mail to rosmarie.stenvall@kinnarps.se</p><p>Thanks in advance, </p><p>Rosmarie</p>
<p>Hi Claptrap,</p><p>Could you send me the .DXF files of your Deer Head?</p><p>My e-mailadress is toonvds@skynet.be</p><p>Thanks!</p><p>Toon</p>
<p>Hi Claptrap, </p><p>Please could you forward me a copy of the .DXF files of the Deer Head.</p><p>brodiemccarthy@hotmail.co.uk</p><p>Many thanks!</p><p>Brodie </p>
<p>Hi Claptrap,</p><p>Would you be so kind as to send me a copy of the DXF version.</p><p>aprpac(AT)gmail.com</p><p>Thanks in anticipation</p><p>Paul</p>
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Sorry should have added the my email address is Tacem@btinternet.com. Thank you SO much!! :)
<p>Hi Claptrap, your deer head looks great! Would love the dxf file if you don't mind to email me - kenelly164(at)yahoo.com</p><p>Many thanks!</p>
<p>is THE dxf file still availlable? </p>
<p>Hi! great Job! Looks Nice!</p><p>Can you please send the DXF file? i want to make in 6mm mdf... what do you think? </p>
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Great. Could you send me the DXF file?
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<p>Hello,</p><p>do you still have the DXF file handy? </p><p>If you do, please send it to me </p><p>bettyching@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks in advance and most importantly, thank you for the inspiration :)</p><p>Betty</p>

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