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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Stuff Organization

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In this Instructables, i will show you great stuff for organize your small stuff. The name is Cardboard Stuff Organization. This gadget can use in your home, bedroom, also you can use this gadget in your dorm / hostel.

You can put pen, pencil, cosmetics, or school stuff, and anything

Lets make it!!

Step 1: You Needs

  • Cardboard
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Clear tape
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Cutter / knifes

Step 2: Make the Template

  • Take the cardboard and make template 25cm x 20cm and cut it using knife.
  • Take another cardboard, make template 10cm x 20cm, cut it.
  • Next, make another template 25cm x 5cm

Step 3: Take the 20cm X 10cm Template

Take the 20cm x 10cm template and fold the two ends(2cm) like image, and add cardboard to the edge and use clear tape for make it stronger.

Step 4: Make Up the Template

  • Take all the template
  • Place the template on the gift wrapping paper and wrap the template and glue it using clear tape.
  • If this step finish, its look like image 3

Step 5: Lets Build It

Take all of the finish template and use clear tape / double tape to paste it. It's look like image 2. For make it useful, i add a small mirror and i place it at the top right. It's look like image 4

Step 6: Finish

I am use double sided tape to paste it to my bedroom walls, but you can use nails for make it stronger. And this Gadget is finish.

Thanks for look my works

I hope you like this!

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