DIY Cat Toys 01: the CatoSphere

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Introduction: DIY Cat Toys 01: the CatoSphere

End Product

Step 1: Material Needed

50cm of Aluminium foil.

Step 2: Cut the Foil to the Right Length

as you can see, this type of material is extremely attractive to cats,maybe because it is shiny.

Step 3: Roll the Foil Into a Ball

Step 4: Squeeze It Until It Become a Tight Sphere of Around 5cm Diameter .

That's it. call your cats and throw it to them.
they ll go nuts :).
Mine play soccer with it.



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    We just adopted a cat and searching for some ideas to make him toys, i saw this one. We took a course about cat care, it was a requirement from the pet shelter, and one thing that they told us was that aluminium foil is not a good material to let them play with beacuse it feels akward when they bite it too hard (magnetism and that stuff) and could leave little sharp peaces bethind.

    the good ole foil ball.... I put catnip in mine. :). Simple and effective.

    It's not a good toy for cats!
    And the production cost, no way my cat's will get a Aluminium "sphere"(ball).
    Why don't you do one in wood, you can always paint it if you want the "sphere" to look like aluminium. Or any colour your cat like ?

    What a great way to show you don't have to make something complicated to write an instructable about it :)

    yea I'm new here,just learning how to use the website before i put bigger instructables :)