End Product

Step 1: Material Needed

50cm of Aluminium foil.

Step 2: Cut the Foil to the Right Length

as you can see, this type of material is extremely attractive to cats,maybe because it is shiny.

Step 3: Roll the Foil Into a Ball

Step 4: Squeeze It Until It Become a Tight Sphere of Around 5cm Diameter .

That's it. call your cats and throw it to them.
they ll go nuts :).
Mine play soccer with it.
<p>We just adopted a cat and searching for some ideas to make him toys, i saw this one. We took a course about cat care, it was a requirement from the pet shelter, and one thing that they told us was that aluminium foil is not a good material to let them play with beacuse it feels akward when they bite it too hard (magnetism and that stuff) and could leave little sharp peaces bethind. </p>
<p>the good ole foil ball.... I put catnip in mine. :). Simple and effective. </p>
It's not a good toy for cats! <br>And the production cost, no way my cat's will get a Aluminium &quot;sphere&quot;(ball). <br>Why don't you do one in wood, you can always paint it if you want the &quot;sphere&quot; to look like aluminium. Or any colour your cat like ?
<p>What a great way to show you don't have to make something complicated to write an instructable about it :)</p>
yea I'm new here,just learning how to use the website before i put bigger instructables :)
<p>The simplest cat toys are often the best.</p>

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