Picture of DIY Cat Tree
For whatever reason cat trees are expensive and all look alike.

When I noticed our cats really seemed to like the left over felt from my Kindle and laptop sleeve projects I decided to use it in a cat tree to replace the tiger striped abomination under our living room window.

Step 1: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration
Our cats (Buckley and Loki) both seemed obsessed with the industrial felt. 

The felt is F-13 from Sutherland Felt. It's great stuff.
awesome job!!! taking it for inspiration to tamw the monster i created
agnpros3 years ago
at WALMART they carry a 5 tiered cat tree that goes to the ceiling for $40
Whats the fun of that? This Is A DIY site. (Do it yourself). Not BIY Site. (Buy it yourself).
jimbotheconflictor (author)  agnpros3 years ago
Very nice! Love how simple it is. I've been meaning to make one of these for forever.
been meaning to get/make one of these for my cat, Sir Reginald Lucas
thanks for the 'ible :) great Job

PS- cute cats+love the names :)