This is how I made my own Settlers of Catan board game.

First I want to point out that I have never seen a Catan board in person. I've seen what I could on the internet and what's here on instructables. In fact, before I built this board I had never played it with a real person before. I first learned how to play on the Settlers of Catan ipod touch app. I enjoyed it enough that I wanted it to play with my family, so I looked into buying it. Being the cheapskate that I am, I couldn't shell out $50 for a boardgame. And that's just the basic Settlers edition. You could well spend $300+ to get all the expansion packs. So I looked around and found what others had done here and on other sites and decided to make my own.

Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once. Sand, Sand, Sand.

The first thing I needed to do was figure out the dimensions of a perfect hexagon. After I did that, I made a template out of 1/8" masonite (a.k.a. hardboard, et al.)  I used this template as a pattern to cut out the rest of the pieces with my bandsaw so that they all were relatively similar in size. I also used some 3/4" maple board I had laying around to rip road, city and settlement blanks on my table saw. These would later be cut into individual pieces. The cities aren't shown, but they were shaped like a castle; square with four towers at the corners. I did this by cutting 3/4" maple cubes and running them over the router with a 1/2" straight bit from both directions.
[_]-------[_]   Kind
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do you remember the keywords you used for your searches? I was able to find the forest one, but I'm having trouble finding the others.
I honestly don't remember, it's been a couple years. If I were you I'd try looking up sheep, clay or bricks, mountain or ore, ect. and just pick one out that you like. It's really up to you and the number of images available is just ridiculous. There's bound to be something you fancy. If I could remember where I saved the images, I'd send them to you.
Where did you find the images for the hexagon tiles? They're really nice.
The images all came from google. It took a little time, but I found what I wanted.
there are acctually companies that make 3d wooden tokens for the resources
Maybe I missed these, but do you have the measurements for the individual pieces? This is an awesome build, thank you!
Sorry, I didn't include them. I'll have to drag it out and make some measurements. I don't believe they're accurate to the retail version of the game. I just decided arbitrarily on a size I liked.
If it's not too much work??? I like the size of this as well, looks close enough to the retail tiles, in size. I'm hoping to have my own personally built set by April
Did you attach the hexagons to a board or something? Maybe I missed that.
No, as in the original game, all of the board pieces are loose so they can be reconfigured for each game. The resource values (2-12) are all random, as well. It makes the game more interesting.
Never mind.....I saw the roads and settlements, when I looked again. Good job.<br>
Pretty good, especially if you have never seen one in person. Have you made the roads, settlements, and cities? Have fun playing.

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