DIY Ceramic Water Filter

Water is the most essential preparedness item.  You can only survive a couple days without it.  However, as essential as it is, in our society we can sometimes overlook it in our planning.  As a bare minimum, you need to have at least 1 gallon of water per day per person.  This amount is drinking/cooking only, it is not enough for personal hygiene or comfort.  But even this small amount rapidly becomes a logistical nightmare if you attempt to store enough water for a long period of time.  While you should store at least a 72 hour supply (or more), you also need some method of water purification.  I chose to showcase this one method as it is cost effective, easy to create, and cost effective.  I ordered this ceramic filter from a company called monolithic for under $30.00, installed it in in under 30 minutes, and now have filtered water for about 6 months.
tngun - you've got some great info in your videos that you're posting to the site, and I really do like your projects (I was one of the judges in the Off the Grid Contest). I'm writing just to encourage you to post your projects as a full on step by step Instructable in your format. While embedding your videos is great, I think your projects will reach many more people if you document work with more then just video. Still include the videos, just provide the step by step process as well in pictures and text. Anywho, good work.
<p>i think ur right noahw</p>
Have to agree with this one, particularly since I can't watch videos at work! (shhhh)
Noted, next time I do a project I will take that into consideration
Thank you for considering.
All of your posts have been pretty interesting. I checked out your website too. Thank you for sharing them on Instructables.

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