Introduction: DIY Chalkboard Tombstones

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Decorating for the holidays is always fun, but who wants to spend $120 on a set of chalkboard tombstones from Pottery Barn?! With all the scrap wood we had laying around the garage I decided to just build my own, and now with these easy printable templates you can build your own for under $20! FREE PLANS that include a PRINTABLE template! How simple is that?!

Step 1: Template Layout

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Once you have printed out your free templates its time to see how to lay them out on your project panel.

Step 2: Cut Out the Templates

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Its time to cut out the tombstone templates and lay them on the project panel.

Step 3: Trace and Flip

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This shows you how to trace and flip the template to complete the outline of your tombstone. Once you have outlined all your tombstones its time to for the powertools! Using a jigsaw or scroll saw simply cut out the tombstone pattern. Lastly paint with chalkboard paint and there you have it!


KookyKreations (author)2014-10-22

Thanks for the design templates - these do look very easy! And they look great as tombstones. Great idea for using scrap.Thank you :)

You are very welcome! They are an easy build and take almost no time at all.

tomatoskins (author)2014-10-21

I've never thought about this. Great idea!


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