Step 1: Materials

1. Aaltoids or metal container
2. Hammer
3. Nail
4. 100% cotton cloth
5. Fire fuel / supplies
1. Sticks and branches or coals
2. Matches
3. Fire ring / grill
4. Caveman skills
6. Gloves
7. Scissors

<p>I'm sorry for my ignorance, but what do you do with the charcoal/cloth pieces? Do you use them as a fire base or something? I've camped, hiked, fished and cooked outside for years, in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but haven't seen this before. </p><p>Now that you've shown me how to make something, I would like to know what to do with it please. Thanks for your patience. </p><p>Really good pictures by the way. Very clear on how to make these. </p>
<p>Char cloth takes a spark exceptionally well. Even the spark from a bic lighter can set an ember on this stuff, then a few puffs of air and it's ablaze.</p>
You shouldn't feel bad about asking this question cause I like answering questions.<br>Typically you would use the char cloth to start a fire. It ignights very easily and would start some dry grass or something small.<br>Also thanks for the complaments on the pictures.
<p>Whenever my friends make char-cloth, they wait until the tin is cool to the touch before opening it, or even submerging the tin in water and laying the char-cloth out to dry. You usually don't want to open immediately because the oxygen rushing into the tin may ignite the already hot char-cloth.</p>
Thanks I will take that into <br>Consideration
<p>To prevent a flare up, remove the tin from the fire and cover the hole with a damp (not dripping) cloth or paper towel. Only open the tin once it's cooled down to the point you can handle it without gloves.</p>

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