Picture of DIY Cheap IR Reflector for a Remote Control
This is a really easy hack for a remote control that can boost its signal power by creating a reflector behind the IR Emmiter. And it Definitely works. Now I can actually Use the controller. I got the idea for this when I was thinking about a way to increase its power. I was about to go down to Radio Shack to buy a second IR Transmitter, but then I realized that it would be much simpler to just put a mirror like device to focus the beam, instead of adding the extra emmiter to strengthen it.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

1. The Victim Remote
2. Aluminum or Tin Foil
3. Tape
4. Opening Tool

The Opening tool can vary for different remotes. My old Sony remote only need a chisel to pry it open, because it had no screws and such.

Step 2: Take Out the Batteries

Picture of Take Out the Batteries
Take out the batteries. I forgot to do this step in the beginning. You have Got to do this step. lol. It's kinda important.

Step 3: Opening the Remote

Picture of Opening the Remote
As stated previously, opening the remote can vary. In my case, it just took a little coaxing with a chisel to open.

Step 4: Observe the Installation Site

Picture of Observe the Installation Site
Now we look for a good way to attach the reflector behind the IR Emmiter. In this case, we can just attach it to the plastic on the top half of the remote.

Step 5: Insulate the IR Emmiter

Picture of Insulate the IR Emmiter
Since we're going to use aluminum foil, we need to cover the IR Emmiter's wires so that it does not accidentally affect the circuit, rendering the remote useless. An ironic conclusion if that be the case.

Step 6: Making the Reflector

Picture of Making the Reflector
The reflector is is made of a folded aluminum foil peice. Folding and size of the tin foil will also depend on the remote size.

Step 7: Mounting the Reflector

Picture of Mounting the Reflector
Taping the reflector to the remote does the trick.

Step 8: Re-Sealing the Remote

Picture of Re-Sealing the Remote
Now we put the remote back. Make sure all the parts are in their proper places, and squeeze! Be wary of the aluminum foil though.

Step 9: All Done!

Picture of All Done!
Now you can use your new found Power-Mote. Do some quick tests with it to see if its working, and you're done!
JaredF24 months ago

This is great! Turned my remote from a useless object into an actual remote. Thanks alot!

paqrat3 years ago
Great idea! I think this might be within the meager electronics skills I possess.
lmaccaskill3 years ago
" 'I' before 'E', except after 'C' ". Remember that from Third Grade? It's "piece", not "peice". Handy Instructable. Thanks.
pantalone3 years ago
Clever idea, cheap, easy, and effective!
RedFlash4 years ago
Got a pretty cool test for it. Grab a phone or camera. Put it in picture mode. Hold the remote infront of the camera and press a button. Nice purple lights...
toogers5 years ago
you should've used an IR laser diode instead of an led, you could aim it at the t.v.
peterlonz5 years ago
I get the concept but the pics in step 7 just are not clear enough & you offer little in the way of explanation. Perhaps for those of us less knowledgeable you might care to further explain this step. For example is it fairly important to keep the reflector foil free of wrinkles, & is the shape important. Good work appreciate what you have done.
makkerc6 years ago
Actually works a Treat!!
Good idea, i have a smaller remote so i just wrapped a strip of foil about 3/4ths as wide as the bulb around the length of it carefully (avoiding the leads) and gently placed it back into the mounts on the remote case seemed to increase my range but now im thinking of opening up the front a little and maybe making a parabollic type reflector to increase the spread of the beam as to decrease the marksmanship needed to change a channel!
ReCreate6 years ago
take the batteries out before opening it you don't want to get a nasty electric shock XD
fwjs286 years ago
ha ha centrum......
icedog5157 years ago
i dont exactly 'get' it, but il take these comments for help..
Kaiven7 years ago
lol great! i'l try this on my remote! I need to open it anyway, 'cause somthin's ratlin' in ther'
frankly19708 years ago
The most amazingly fabo way to boost you remote's incident of angular operation (i.a.o. for short) is to attach a very short bit of rounded plexi rod to the i.r. receiving end (t.v. for instance). The clear plexi rod can be made into a miniature fish-eye lens and attached using acrylic soldering mucus or fingernail polish remover. Let the two plastics fuse and you can then basically walk around the room changing from 'the o.c.' to 'friends' at the drop of a hat. rock on plexi! simple, cheap and relatively fun. okay, maybe fun is the wrong word.
binnie8 years ago
im pretty sure there are reflectors built in or the angle of which light is visible is only 30* or sumthing like that so its already focused out.??
zachninme8 years ago
Why not make a repeater? Have a IR sensor hooked right up to an IRLED and battery. Separate the two using alluminum foil. These would be great for smart houses that use universal remotes :-) (Commercail repeaters cost like 50$ ) Also, a piece of white paper would do a good job too!
Dex93 zachninme8 years ago
Looking for info on how to make a simple repeater to hide the cable box. Any ideas?
stahlsau8 years ago
it really works. Now i can adjust the volume from my desk, which i couldn't before ;)
0.775volts8 years ago
THat's damn nice, a very Innovative Idea, I'd honestly never thought of making a reflector for my remote (though I did put an IR laser in one once. that was a total failure, as I had to point the remote EXACTLY at the sensor).
very neat idea but maby if you did somtin like this http://www.instructables.com/id/E8NV19KY8DEQZJI5IF/ to change your neghbors chanels >: )
Neodudeman (author)  TheCheese99218 years ago
lol. ya. that definitely seems like an awesome idea. lol
Get a fourty someting high-powered LED array from BGMicro, get some tactical flashlight reflectors you should be able to change the channel for a couple football fields.
Neodudeman (author)  TheCheese99218 years ago
lol. that would be so cool!