Picture of DIY Cheap Microphone Pop Filter
When you are an aspiring musician you don't have a lot of money to buy expensive equipment and you have to record the best sounding demo with cheap recording tools. When I realized that popping is a common problem when recording vocals on any kind of mic, and when I saw that a good pop filter was about 50 bucks in my country I decided to make one myself
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Step 1: Materials First!

Because this is a DIY friendly instructable, the materials shouldn't be hard to get. Eitherway, they are pretty inexpensive or maybe you can have this laying around on your house.


- Scrap MDF (a 30cm x 30cm piece should do the trick)

- Pair of nylon stockings (a new pair)

- A hose clamp (for secure placement on your mic stand).

- Electrical tape (always needed).

- The outer plastic part of a cable (for the gooseneck, if it's black even better).

- Pliers.

- A wire hanger.

Step 2: Measurements!

Picture of Measurements!
Well first we gonna trace a 6 inch diameter circle on each one of the MDF pieces with a concentric 5,5 inch diameter circle, so you can make the frame for the nylon screen.

After drawing and cutting you will get a frame for the nylon stocking. Right after that you should paint it black with spray paint or any kind of paint you like for that matter, so it will get a nice professional look

Step 3: The Gooseneck

Picture of The Gooseneck
Since this is a DIY friendly instructable, for some people it would be hard to find the exact same gooseneck that professional pop filters have. I replaced it with a thick wire, in this case the wire of a hanger, with a mic cable cover:

Step 4: The Joint

Picture of The Joint
Because the neck of the filter will be adjusted frequently, the joint should be really strong. So I designed this kind of joint that will be sealed with a little piece of MDF glued together (Titebond works wonders):

Step 5: The Nylon Screen

Picture of The Nylon Screen
The screen is made by a pair of new nylon stockings. Advice, when you buy them go with a girl friend so people don't start staring at you with a WTF? look LOL.
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MikeE44 months ago

Nice job on the DIY instructions. I've been thinking about making one of these.

Years ago (like 20!), I had made a soft-focus thing from a wire coat hanger and some nylons to use when I was enlarging.

Your filter is very similar to mine.

I appreciate the effort you've made in making this publicly available. Good going!

BenG15 months ago

Here's a another simple version of the Pop Filter which can be made for Free in 5 minutes using nothing but paper:

hilldomain11 months ago

something like this lampshade frame may work as well. You just have to put some rubber where it contacts the mic

hilldomain made it!11 months ago

what about using electrical wiring its insulated already and you can choose your gauge. Yours looks very pretty. I made a combo of a mic stand and pop filter out of a coat hanger and pieces from a cheap office chair someone was throwing out. I turned the support for the backrest upside down. Took me 5 minutes. I still need to get some pantyhose. Its a junkyard version.I could make several changes of course but why? I put the whole thing in a cardboard enclosure to reduce background noise and it works pretty good. This comment is just to show- use what you have.

noingwhat3 years ago
Pretty cool, it almost looks pro. One piece of advice though, it appears that you put on multiple layers of the stocking. I cut mine in half so that there is only one layer of fabric over the mic, and it still works pretty well, but there is no noticeable volume difference.
thomasstec5 years ago
Hi, I don't want to be rude or smart but let me tell you that you dont need a pop filter to a dynamic mic like this one. Have you ever seen a singer on a live gig using a pop filter? Have you ever seen recording singer NOT using pop filter while singing to a CONDENSER mic or a RIBBON mic in a studio? Besides these Shures have foam lining inside the srew cap and this serves the same purpose as a pop filter. I like your pop filter though. One of the well made I've seen.
Ummm, I use a shure PG27 Digital mic and I stil get pops all the times?! And as far as live, Im sure it doesnt really matter about pops that much while live, unless their recording it...when I do live shows I get pops all the time, no one seems to care, and again, its a condenser mic
d_malakian_69 (author)  thomasstec5 years ago
BTW, this mic is the only one I have at the moment for recording purposes, I don't use it for live performances. Second, this mic when recording does pop when pronouncing P or B's. So, try to be nice next time on all your comment not just the bottom end, and try to have the full information before assuming stuff. Thanks.
Well put.
a splosion4 years ago
First of all thanks for the great instructable! I blended your ideas with ideas from and added some of my own. Instead of using inner tube, I just rapped my coat hanger in electrical tape. I also used some screen that I had on hand rather than the nylon stockings (or pantyhose). Plus it works great. I've vastly reduced the plosives! Thanks!
d_malakian_69 (author)  a splosion4 years ago
Really cool man! That's the idea, that everyone comes up with their own stuff, well done! :)
This is a neat trick to get  clear recording and will surely be trying it out using my GF's stockings.... I hope i don't sound out of place but is there a way i can convert my mono microphone ( i recently bought to record some guitar tunes) into a stereo microphone... i can buy a Y adaptor but can i instead change something inside the microphone to make it stereo
1 mic is all you need for a guitar, if you want stereo you need two mics, one placed by the 9th fret and one by the pickup area/ whole. the sound being stereo is not gonna be much of a difference. you will still have awesome stereo playback from both speakers even with only 1 mic.
 no worries now ppl.... just bought a Sony ECM DS70p stereo condenser off ebay... got it for a steal $4 ... i checked it up on amazon and its worth some
$50.. recording quality is great... its a mini microphone but i have an extension cord and i've made a stand which looks like an actual i am thinking i'll just somehow remove the mic from the previous uni directional microphone case and insert this new one...
You may have gotten a fake mic. There are so many on ebay for $5.00 including shipping. Here is a video of one and another a look.
 Quote " getting stereo playback from both speakers even with only 1 mic"  will work only if the microphone itself is a stereo microphone... what i had before was a unidirectional mono microphone... and when i played my recorded songs.. sound comes only from the left speaker... hence mono = one channel (in my case the left channel)
I have a Mono mic (MXL V63M) with only one diaphragm but all my recording are recorded in stereo and sound great. 
Strictly handheld is the style I go; never rock the mic with the pantyhose. Like others said, this is a cut above the other diy solutions I've seen.
i strap on my ear goggles and I'm ready to go, and yo, this is one's going out to omario.
is that what they're talking about? the mic w the pantyhose?? i think it's " the style i choose", it ryhmes with "hoose" nice instructable. good way to save some $$
d_malakian_69 (author)  speakandspell5 years ago
Thanks! it's all about what gets you more comfortable when recording also.
kc_2555 years ago
about how thick is the MDF?
d_malakian_69 (author)  kc_2555 years ago
About 5 mm thick this one, but you can get thicker MDF boards
futeng5 years ago
Can you post a before and after?
d_malakian_69 (author)  futeng5 years ago
What do you mean? :P
A sound clip without the filter and one with the filter.
d_malakian_69 (author)  futeng5 years ago
Oh ok..I will don't worry LOL
thomasstec5 years ago
Sorry, did not mean to offend you or upset. You are right. I don't know that mic and so i don't know what works for you. Anyway, I like your pop filter, looks really well made.
d_malakian_69 (author)  thomasstec5 years ago
I'm not offended, next time just don't be like that. LOL, I'm glad you liked it!
pventura5 years ago
Excuse my ignorance, but what is MDF?
Medium Density Fiberboard. It's similar to particle board and chip board, but a bit more durable. Any home improvement store should carry it.
d_malakian_69 (author)  MojoFreem5 years ago
Yeah, it's like a really thick compressed cardboard, but really easy to cut and form.
Fenwick5 years ago
I know someone who used a wire coat hanger, and a pair of nylon stockings like you did, and that worked pretty well, too. But yours definitely looks much nicer.
d_malakian_69 (author)  Fenwick5 years ago
Thanks! don't forget to reate plz.
Ikearat5 years ago
Please forgive the stupid question... I have seen these things in images of people using microphones in recording studios and assumed they were to prevent the user from spitting on the equipment. My question is, what is "popping" ?
jmyler Ikearat5 years ago
When you make "B's" or "P's" and the sudden burst of air makes the microphone "pop" If you said the word "pop" into a microphone that was really sensitive it would be the perfect way of describing it.
trypeewee isn't exactly right. Pop filters are mainly used to reduce plosives, such as the 'puh' sound in 'Peter'. However, this is a result of the fast-moving air, like he said. I've seen the improvised pop filters for a while now, but yours is the best looking one so far. I personally picked up a gold-coloured one a while back to match my condenser, if I remember it was only about $15.
d_malakian_69 (author)  guitarman63mm5 years ago
Thanks! Well here they are quite expensive, because they are imported, not made here. So you got some brands like Shure or Samson, only those two. Eitherway you can save a couple of bucks :)
Actually this devices are intend to prevent the air coming out of your mouth to go straight to the microphone. You can do the experiment yourself with any cheap mic, such as those on headsets. If you blow directly into your mic you'll hear a pop-kinda sound, which is very unpleasant. The thing is, it is very hard to prevent the speaker from blowing into the mic, as there are lots of words and sounds that can't be made otherwise. Example PIck, FAint, etc. Also, try recording your whistle melody ;)
d_malakian_69 (author)  trypeewee5 years ago
Also, the thing is if you don't use a pop filter, then the popping sound can damage your mic in the future, it's because it makes it clip and overload so it can damage the equipment.
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