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Hello everyone.

I created that thingy to cool my room. Before we had central air, my room would get pretty hot in the summer. I decided to go ahead and create what I would call the Cheap & Small Air conditioner.

  This project cost me nothing, just some stuff that I had lying around in the house. The fans came from an old air hockey table.

Build time: Aprox 1 hour

EDIT: I had to redo a lot of the writing in there, I'm better now with English.

Step 1: Item You Will Need

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- Cooler
- Plywood
- 2 Fans
- Spray Paint
- Screws
- Screw Driver

Step 2: Cutting

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Scale and draw on the wood board cut-lines for the fans and for the cover, to fit perfectly in place. Make sure you can enter the two fan in the cover. After cutting holes and all fits in place, you cant paint the new cover (i paint mind with black spray paint) in the color of your choice.

Step 3: Instaling the Fan

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insert the two fans in the board

Step 4: Electricity

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Make the electrical connection

Step 5: Add Ice or Ice Pack

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Add some ice, 2L frozen bottles, Ice packs, whatever is frozen... Under the cover to chill the air. When the warm air is forced inside the cooler and mixed to with the cold source the air will cool off.

Step 6: Finaly Finished

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chrisltr22c (author)2010-08-23

has anyone ever tried using dry ice?

scotshocker (author)chrisltr22c2010-09-09

Dry ice would not be a smart idea because it is solid carbon dioxide and as it sublimates you would have a build up of CO2 in the room potentially causing death. In fact if I remember correctly there was an episode of one of the CSI shows where that was the cause of death.

AXLSPINEDOC (author)scotshocker2014-04-28

But if you seal the compartment that holds the dry ice, and construct a conduct where the room's air circulates inside it, allowing heat exchange, it would make a great AC, doesn't it?

taz3000nice (author)AXLSPINEDOC2014-04-29

The dry ice require something to evaporate. The thing is that it will require an exhaust outside. The main plan for this thing was to not have anything hooked up to the window, just a standalone thing.

rprize (author)2011-06-18

@ auto bug. i agree dat one output fan would conserve the ice but dat would reduce the cooling of da hot ait as it may stay close to da lid as it move from entrance to exit

scobu (author)rprize2012-05-03

@rprize - Seriously?

Hydrophilia (author)2012-01-09

How about directing the air onto you? Rather than cooling a room a few degrees, you might find that the cool dessicated air from a few kilos of ice will chill you quite nicely for hours....

tobyscool (author)2011-03-24

have you tried it?
i think the water will block the passage of the air.

macwhiz (author)tobyscool2011-06-11

Its called a hose, the air flows through the hose underwater, cooling the air

Lion of Love (author)macwhiz2011-08-01

Umm, Your hose has nowhere to exhaust. Input to the fan must be matched to output from the fan for flow to happen. Maybe you were asleep for that physics class.

macwhiz (author)Lion of Love2011-08-07

The hose connects one fan to the other and part of the hose is underwater

l8nite (author)2009-06-17

great build, I don't understand the need for 2 fans though, making a series of small holes at one end for air to enter and having the fan at the other end blowing out should be sufficent

gardenwife (author)l8nite2009-10-01

Wouldn't two fans be the most efficient and move the most air?

Lion of Love (author)gardenwife2011-08-01

Exactly. I like it, if the fans are matched. If not, one will eat up energy from the other. Nice idea.

taz3000nice (author)l8nite2009-06-17

because i like the both fan sound :P

BluTiger (author)taz3000nice2010-02-28

LOL I like that answer!

jlarsen1 (author)BluTiger2011-07-31

more fans simply means faster cooling (and faster melting)

linuxthefish (author)2010-05-22

 would 2 fans be better than one?

HADJISTYLLIS (author)2010-01-01

 You don't need two fans according to this plans

Bigdawg1955 (author)2009-08-08

I am curious if you would need to two fans. If you had and I would use ice packs sit raised on a platform with holes on the bottom to allow air to be drawn in from the fan on top as it pulls air from inside the box out into the room

68autobug (author)Bigdawg19552009-11-28

 that would also work

but whether all that hot air would melt the ice packs faster????

I don't know....

I like the ice with water idea...

although the ice [not in packs] is going to melt and make water anyway...

The ice may last longer if only one "OUTPUT" fan was used....

and just a hole for the hot air to enter..??
A LOT of variables there.... lol
also 12 volts is a better idea than mains power which is 230v AC in Australia.
which is DEADLY..


zachpower7 (author)2009-08-27

you should put a handle on the board so you wont have to use the cord to lift it off of the cooler. this way you wont cause unnecessary wear on the wire. good idea probably way cheaper than running an a/c

freecyclenut (author)2009-06-25

So if I make one of these, can I put a small solar panel on it to sit on the window sill nearby? Would there be anything else I would need to do to it?

prizm63 (author)freecyclenut2009-06-29

when over to harbor frieght and bought solar charger for tools. this has just enough power ( in full sun) to run threw PTO plug that connected to my coolerchiller that sits on top of my cooler filled with bottles filled with ice prep ahead of time. this cooler chiller is setup for boats and rv so uses PTO plug.

Leon Close (author)2009-06-25

If the ice was made in a refrigerator in the room you are trying to cool, your system will make the room warmer by a small amount.

lemonie (author)2009-06-11

You should mention what you put in the box and what you power the fans with. (The pictures aren't that blurry really) L

taz3000nice (author)lemonie2009-06-11

Thank for the tip.. is my first insrtuctable

lemonie (author)taz3000nice2009-06-11

Looks powerful, do you use ice or ice-packs? L

taz3000nice (author)lemonie2009-06-12

I think the best is Ice mixed with salt. Because ice-pack are not really cold or if you use ice-pack you gonna need a lot of these

lemonie (author)taz3000nice2009-06-12

Ice packs retain their surface-area, but ice may be easier. Which do you use? L

taz3000nice (author)lemonie2009-06-12

I use 500mL iced bottles but i try with ice and its works better

lemonie (author)taz3000nice2009-06-12

OK thanks for the information. L

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