DIY: Cheap Macro Mod





Introduction: DIY: Cheap Macro Mod

 I recently bought a new mobile phone, but the camera wasn't very good: only 2 Mpx
So i decided to make a cheap and useful macro mod, with only one tool: a magnifing glass

Step 1: Materials:

Camera : Here, I used my Nokia N81
Magnifiyng glass : Check in your house if you have one. If not, buy the cheaper you can

Step 2: Put the Glass

Yeah, just put the magnifying glass over the lens of the camera, as shown
Hold the glass and the camera together as shown 

Step 3: Take Pictures

 So simple, just take the picture

You can compare two pics: without and with macro mod!



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    have you considered using the small lens in that magnifier?

    I ask because it seems your phone has a flash built in.
    And given the use of the large lens...If you need the flash, you'd end up with a backlight magnifier lens, and a bad end photo?

    My new phone was kind enough to have a metal ring around the lens housing... so I superglued a round lens(pulled from a scanner, or old camera, or something) to a ring magnet. I stick it on, magnetically, for macro, and when done, just pull off the magnet, and presto.. normal mode. Only down side is. that's the ONLY metal part of the camera body... so I have to STORE the gizmo on the lens or I lose it. :-(

     It's a very good idea! Thanks for it, I'll try it if i could. 
    Usually, i took macro pictures in an illuminated place, so i don't need flash

    Two megapixels isn't bad. What is bad is the quality of lenses, or focusing.

    Note that it is not equal a digital camera and a camera phone, and also that the focusing can not be perfect for short distances and very long while.

    Good instructable. I have a similar.

    Thanks for comment.
    I know that it isn't bad, but it isn't very good too
    I'm just very satisfied with this cheappy mod, so i decided to share it =)