DIY Cheap or Free Music Server


Introduction: DIY Cheap or Free Music Server

This is a Do-it-yourself-er if you want to make a very cheap or free Music server

Step 1: Find a Computer

I'm using an old IBM NetVista. It has a 767mhz processor and 192megs of RAM. For a hard drive it has a 80gb Western Digital 7200 rpm IDE drive. For an OS i use Windows XP Professional SP3. This computer used to be my main computer and then i got a new laptop and i don't use that any more. You have to either find a free computer either on the side of the road or on a couple websites EX. or (you have to have a membership for which is free) The computer doesn't have to be anything special you can use a 450 mhz Intel Pentium II with 128 mb ram, and Windows 2000 SP4.

Step 2: Give It the Internet

You have to give the computer access to the internet. Wireless or wired. I would go with wireless so you can sotre the computer in an remote location where no one can see it like a closet or under a bed

Step 3: Give It Storage

You need space to store music right and that 15 gig hard drive wont do it. You need some BEEF to hold a good music collection. I would choose around a 160gb-500gb hard drive for a good music collection. You could ever do a dual hard drive setup, just mae sure you computer has the room for it. You also need to have the jumpers set right.

Step 4: Remove the Stuff Not Needed

Take all the stff that you dont need. You don't need a monitor, keyboard or mouse. in the next step I will show you how to access the computer remotely form where ever you are.

Step 5: Control It Remotly

use logmein free to remotly control the computer

Step 6: Get Access to Your Media!!!!

I use a free program called ORB you can set up your computer that you have stored away in the closet, remotely. Download ORB FOR FREE!!! and set it up on the host computer

Step 7: Choose You Music Program

Choose your music program. I use frostwire. You can use what ever you want to. Make sure you set the download folder to the folder you specified in the ORB setup.

Step 8: Here Is What You Can Do With the Finished Product!

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    windows is slightly overkill for this purpose. Linux would run better, and on even trashier computer than 450mhz.

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    Ubuntu Server Edition

    To run my website i use a Win98 with 128MB RAM and 4GB HDD

    I agree with xc1024, and with Linux, you have less of a security risk, and less excess crap that would need removed. A good hacker can get into anything that they want to, and windows is so full of holes... Can you do one using Linux?

    You can use it from a router. At that point the machine is just connected to your home network and can't download music or anything, so you'd have to have all your music and software on CDs or a USB thumb drive for transfer. you can still access the box as if it were on the internet from your main computer. It will still have an IP address given by the router. I don't know if a simple switch would work, but a router should. A router assigns IP addresses, a switch doesn't.

    Rather than you could just use VNC and set up port fowarding. A bit more effort, but its free. TightVNC is free, and you have full control(runs on linux as well). But as others have said, you don't really need a gui. Look at INX (that way you could just have wireless, hook up some speakers and just play the song from the comfort of your chair) and just SSH to it.

    you probably could depends on the ram and hdd space you have. whats the point of a media server with a 5gig hdd but you could use a usb external one

    do i need to connect to the internet or can i do this with an ethernet switch

    you need to have an internet connection because the interface is web based.

    bummer i have dial up

    wow i thought dial up was completely gone. you should get high speed. but you should give it a shot see what happens.

    ya no one provides high speed to my little farm community

    you could use satellite internet

    i just found out about "HughesNet" but im going to run a network off a in home server now

    lol i have a net-vista

    cant you just share out a folder and then access it with windows explorer, seeing as it is on your local network. Then you dont need internet just a router if you only want to use it for that.

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    You can do it that way but I use it with my t-mobile dash and my nextstore neighbor uses on his wireless xbox 360

    Orb is also compatible with XBOX 360 ;)