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Introduction: DIY Chicken Jockey Suit

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Minecraft Challenge 2018 this Instructable, we're building a...LOOK OUT! THERE'S A CHICKEN JOCKEY BEHIND YOU!

Step 1: Make the Head

Its pretty self-explanatory...You need maybe two boxes. One of them can be used for the head shape (white). You can cut up the other one to make the beak (yellow) and the gobble (red). Once you cut them to shape, tape colored paper other it and glue it all together. Two black squares can be used as eyes.

Step 2: Make the Body

All you need is a box big enough for you to sit in. Cut a hole in the top big enough for your waist and clear the bottom. You don't really need a bottom. Cover the box with white paper.

Step 3: Make the Wings

I used 2 cardboard boxes for the wings. Wrap them with white paper before you connect them to the box.

Step 4: Put It Together

Glue it all together!

Step 5: Stuff a Pair of Pants

Stuff a towel into the legs of a pair of pants. Apply it to the body.

Step 6: You're Done!

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2 Tips

Make larger hole in the bottom so you can bend knees

Needs some socks!



lol this is so cool