This my original design for an inexpensive and simple to build Chicken Tractor to house 3-6 large hens or 8-10 Bantams.

I built this chicken tractor out of recycled wood materials and only purchased some wood screws and a 25 foot roll of chicken wire. You can use recycled or new materials.

Watch the video to see the chicken tractor in use and handy tips for raising chickens from chicks, feeding and watering and other ideas for raising your own food.

The tractor is 4' high x 8' long and 4.' wide and is designed so it can be moved by dragging to a new location. This would be a good design for people that just want a few chickens and have a small yard.

Material list:

12) 2x4x8 lumber

3) 4x8 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood or similar material

1) 25 foot roll 48" chicken wire or hardware cloth

1) pound 3 inch screws

1/2) pound 1 inch screws

1) pound small chicken wire staples

Hinges if desired

Approximate cost under $50

You can see many more free and low cost plans for cabins, houses on wheels, and homestead projects on my website and over 120 free videos of my off grid cabin on my youtube channel.



Step 1: Build the Side Walls

Step 1: Construct the side walls

Side walls are constructed from 2x4 lumber. Attach side braces to bottom and roof brace using 3 inch exterior grade wood screws. The bottom brace is cut at an angle 3 inches from the end so it will slide easier over the ground.

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