This is how you make a chocolate edible EOS, when you're bored!!

Step 1: Open and Clean

Open the EOS, so you have both sides open and ready for cleaning.

Scrape off the Chapstick part, and clean out both sides so there is not much Chapstick left it the EOS container.

Step 2: Popping Out Center Piece and Clean

Pop out the center piece with a knife, or any easy utensil, ad clean with water thoroughly, so you don't have Chapstick left in the container.

Step 3: Putting Middle Back

Pop the center piece of the EOS back into the bottom piece.

Step 4: Melting the Chocolate

Pour chocolate chips into a microwavable bowl, and melt them.

Step 5: Pouring Into EOS

Pour the melted chocolate chips into the top and bottom parts of the EOS.

Step 6: Connecting the EOS

Connect the two parts, and screw them together into the EOS is closed.

Step 7: Clean Excess

Clean the excess chocolate from the EOS, to make it look a little nicer.

Step 8: Freezing It

Put your EOS in the freezer for about an hour, or until the chocolate has froze.

Step 9: Twist and Clean

Finally, Twist it back open, and clean the excess sides and insides.

Step 10: Enjoy!!

Last, eat it or wear it! Enjoy it!!

<p>well will your lips be brown </p><p>is it messy on</p><p> your lips</p>
<p>Seriously, don't eat this. You can never fully remove all the wax from utensils, which is why it is HIGHLY recommended to have SEPARATE sets of dishes/ utensils when you make this type of stuff. This is dangerous if consumed regularly; once in a while it might just upset your stomach or give you the runs. You can find all sorts of unused chapstick tubes on Amazon, which would still give you the same adorable effect, but in a safer manner.</p>
<p>do not eat this kids you will die</p>
<p>Fun idea :)</p>

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