DIY Choker Nekclaces / TUTORIAL





Introduction: DIY Choker Nekclaces / TUTORIAL

Step 1: #1 Idea - Choker Nekclaces!

Hi everyone!! Today I will be sharing with you top three super easy and inexpensive diy chokers that you can create and wear for different occasions - Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Step 2: There Is No Sewing or Wiring Involved.

Step 3: #1 Idea Is Ready! ♡

Step 4: #2 Idea - Choker Nekclaces!

The measurements I provided were based on my liking and of course, my neck. If you want to recreate these DIY jewelry, I would strongly suggest to take your own measurements. Just wrap the ribbon around your neck as tight as you desire your necklace to be.

Step 5: #2 Idea Is Ready! ♡

Step 6: #3 Idea - Choker Nekclaces!

The beauty of this trend is that you can literally make it happen with random items you already own, I showing you how to make diy chokers - summer accessories.

Step 7: #3 Idea Is Ready! ♡

Thanks for watching loves, I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!!!!!



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    this is so cool but could you use a different fabric and put the names on the items you were using

    They're really cool, but I would appreciate it if you included the name of the items you were using.

    Simple, elegant, easy.

    Very good.

    Voted for you.

    Thanks for this :)

    Thank you so much I like these so much!

    I am in love with...... Your trinkets! ?