DIY Christmas Crackers





Introduction: DIY Christmas Crackers

A very easy way to make your own Christmas Crackers and put what ever you want in them. 

Step 1: Materials

Also ribbon!

Step 2: Cut

Cut the wrapping paper to size make the sides a little longer mine were too short. 

Step 3: Wrap

Tape the tube to the paper and roll it (see pictures). 

Step 4: Little Toys

Add whatever little toys you want now. 

Step 5: Twist Sides

Step 6: Add a Ribbon



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    Nice work. Did you know you can actually get the "cracker" inserts at a lot of the craft stores. Then you get that extra little 'pop' when you pull 'em.

    LOL yea but say if you don't even have time to do that these are quick and very easy.

    I was kind of hoping for the popping kind myself, otherwise they aren't really "crackers," more like nicely wrapped stocking stuffers. This is a good way to wrap small things, though.

    @klixtopher, I haven't seen those inserts. Where have you seen them? What would they be near? Thanks!

    Yea if you can find any you could just add them

    I think I've seen them at Micheal's, definitely a seasonal item. Good Luck.