Introduction: DIY Christmas Crackers

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A very easy way to make your own Christmas Crackers and put what ever you want in them. 

Step 1: Materials

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Also ribbon!

Step 2: Cut

Cut the wrapping paper to size make the sides a little longer mine were too short. 

Step 3: Wrap

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Tape the tube to the paper and roll it (see pictures). 

Step 4: Little Toys

Add whatever little toys you want now. 

Step 5: Twist Sides

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Step 6: Add a Ribbon

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klixtopher (author)2011-12-21

Nice work. Did you know you can actually get the "cracker" inserts at a lot of the craft stores. Then you get that extra little 'pop' when you pull 'em.

Blechmen (author)klixtopher2011-12-21

LOL yea but say if you don't even have time to do that these are quick and very easy.

susanrm (author)Blechmen2011-12-23

I was kind of hoping for the popping kind myself, otherwise they aren't really "crackers," more like nicely wrapped stocking stuffers. This is a good way to wrap small things, though.

@klixtopher, I haven't seen those inserts. Where have you seen them? What would they be near? Thanks!

Blechmen (author)susanrm2011-12-24

Yea if you can find any you could just add them

klixtopher (author)susanrm2011-12-23

I think I've seen them at Micheal's, definitely a seasonal item. Good Luck.

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