Introduction: DIY Clamp Mount for GoPro, Actionpro X7 or Any Other Action Cameras

DIY project for an universal mount for GoPro, Actionpro or any other action camera, using ordinary Clamp, available in any hardware store.

Compared with other DIY mount clamps projects, the clamp used is build by Wolfcraft that have pre-made holes on the side. Those holes allowed to create one extra attachement point of a camera for a higher flexibility.

The attachement points use 1/4"-20 Tripod Aluminum Screw to Flash Hot Shoe Adapter Fix, as this one will allow you to fix the camera more firmly to the clamp in the desired positon.


youthure (author)2017-11-06

Thanks a lot!

I coincidentally bought the exact same clamp as you for the purpose of building a mount. Hadn't yet considered the obvious: using the ready-made holes instead of drilling one.

Ninjutzu (author)youthure2017-11-06

Nowadays "measure three times before you cut or drill" is changed to "check instructables three time before you cut or drill" :-)

Happy to hear that you found it useful. Also if you add a tripod head on top you can have more flexibility as I found out that only with the hot shoe mount the adjustments are very limited.

youthure made it! (author)Ninjutzu2017-11-08

Yes indeed :D

I did make a little alteration to your design. Since I plan to use this primarily with my GoPro, I figured I might just as well attach a little extension arm directly to the clamp itself.
If I wanted to attach a traditional camera, I could always get one of those 1/4 inch tripod screw to that "double GoPro pin" arm connector.

youthure (author)youthure2017-11-08

(A screw of the GoPro-size fits the smallest hole of the clamp).

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