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Hello everyone! I am doing a tutorial on how to make clay birthday/birthstone necklaces. These are really cute and meaningful, but also very inexpensive. Show me if you did one!!!

Step 1: What You Need!

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1.) polymer clay 2.) jump ring 3.) small charm or gem (optional) 4.) black pen. 5.) toothpick. 6.) chain or string (not pictured)

Step 2:

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Take some clay and roll it into a sphere, the squish it so that it is flat. Make sure it's not too thin, but thin enough to fit the jump ring through it. I prefer lighter colors, but darker colors work as well, as you can see in the picture. (Ps, you don't need three circles, I was just using color examples :) )

Step 3:

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Poke a hole in the top of the circle.

Step 4:

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Write the person's name in pen on the bottom of the front. You can also do it like I did, and use random words. ;) also a very important thing to do is write on it BEFORE you cook it!!!

Step 5:

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Allow to dry for about 20 seconds before starting the back. I just hung mine on a jewelry stand with a toothpick. :)

Step 6:

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Now, once your little bead is dry, you'll be working in the back. This is where you will put they're date of birth. I put some pictures of different ways you can write it.

Step 7:

Now all you have to do is cook it, place the jump ring and charm on, and attach to a necklace. Enjoy!!


sunshiine (author)2013-04-27

Hey, your pictures are getting very good! Nice job! Have a happy weekend!

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