Making your own handheld clay tools at home is very easy and inexpensive.

This Instructable is using random materials I found in my classroom and modeling clay for demonstration.

Step 1: BoM



Hot Glue

Misc. materials around the house (sticks, bottle caps, hard ware, buttons, etc.)

Step 2: Handheld Tools

Gluing buttons, hardware and other small objects to the ends of popsicle sticks, twigs, or pencils, makes for a great handheld tool that you can use over and over.

Step 3: Bottle Caps

Create a design using hot glue on the top of a bottle cap and you've got an instant stamp! You can glue a stick to the other side to aide your stamping!

Step 4: Hot Glue

Hot glueing designs on pencils, cardboard rolls, etc. make for fast and effective texturing tools.

Step 5: Loop Tools

Make your own looping tools by hot gluing the round ends of paper clips to a pencil or stick.

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<p>Spiffy. Voted. Question: how well does it hold up? in my experience hot glue likes to peel off pretty quickly.</p>
So far most of it seems to be holding up well, but I guess it ultimately depends on how to the tools are used and how often. But it's easy to replace the glue. <br><br>Thanks!
<p>Thank you for the ideas. These are going to help me very much!</p>
<p>very creative :D</p>

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