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Introduction: DIY Clay Tools

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Making your own handheld clay tools at home is very easy and inexpensive.

This Instructable is using random materials I found in my classroom and modeling clay for demonstration.

Step 1: BoM



Hot Glue

Misc. materials around the house (sticks, bottle caps, hard ware, buttons, etc.)

Step 2: Handheld Tools

Gluing buttons, hardware and other small objects to the ends of popsicle sticks, twigs, or pencils, makes for a great handheld tool that you can use over and over.

Step 3: Bottle Caps

Create a design using hot glue on the top of a bottle cap and you've got an instant stamp! You can glue a stick to the other side to aide your stamping!

Step 4: Hot Glue

Hot glueing designs on pencils, cardboard rolls, etc. make for fast and effective texturing tools.

Step 5: Loop Tools

Make your own looping tools by hot gluing the round ends of paper clips to a pencil or stick.



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    you can also take the paper clips and bend each end out just a tiny bit and put a really cute handle on it using air dry clay or pmc and bake them on. I did mine with both and them turned out great.



    Spiffy. Voted. Question: how well does it hold up? in my experience hot glue likes to peel off pretty quickly.

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    So far most of it seems to be holding up well, but I guess it ultimately depends on how to the tools are used and how often. But it's easy to replace the glue.


    Thank you for the ideas. These are going to help me very much!