Introduction: DIY Coffee Soap for Stretch Marks

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As you know I enjoy making soaps
When I saw a recipe for milk coffee soap that needs goats milk soap base, I knew I had to change this recipe so you can make soap without going to the supermarket
Coffee is great for fading away stretch marks on the body and eliminating acne scars so they don't come back
This soap is easy and can be done in under 15 minutes
You can use this soap in the bathtub or shower or as a facial cleaner in the morning to eliminate puffy eyes
This soap can also be used in the nighttime to eliminate acne scars

Step 1: Materials

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Soap base or regular bath soap

Soap mold or common uses for soap molds ( lids, measuring cups, yogurt cups)

Coffee grounds (used or unused

Coffee essential oil (optional) I thought the coffee grounds scent was enough


Cheese grater

Step 2: Steps for Making Soap

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First grate the soap or cut into very small pieces
Place in a jar with just a bit of water
Place in the microwave for 30 seconds stirring constantly after each 10 seconds
Watch the soap very carefully it will rise
Make sure the soap is not lumpy because it will crumble during use
It has to be soft and silky
Add a tablespoon or coffee grounds and mix
Pour into mold and wait about 10 minutes
Remove by sticking a knife into the side of the mold and lift like a cake

Step 3: Results

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This soap tones skin, refuses redness, eliminates cellulite
This is my most favorite soap and I love the scent of it


Maydethg1016 (author)2017-02-04

I like it

jpadilla06 (author)2015-11-19

I was making this recipe with my daughter, however... it did not came out right. how much water is the right amount?

Igioteno (author)jpadilla062015-11-20

Well, you may have put too much water. I put a teaspoon of water.

jpadilla06 (author)Igioteno2016-02-07

I have finally perfected this ible!! now I only use this soap. Great for presents!!! too bad I can't upvote twice :(

asikka1 (author)2016-01-11

The soap didn't dry and I was left with small soap chunks

Nikhil Sakat (author)2015-11-18

its easy and m gonna try it for sure

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