Grow, roast and brew your own coffee!

Step 1: Find a suitable coffee plant

Picture of Find a suitable coffee plant
This is the coffee plant I bought for $30 on eBay a few years ago. Coffee 'plants' are actually small coffee trees and will get quite large over their lifespan. Mine was about a foot and a half tall when I got it, but is quite large these days and sits in a 30 gallon pot. The tree stays outside during spring and summer, but it comes inside well before the first frost in the fall.  I keep it trimmed to the size of the container. (In case you're wondering, I live in Zone 7a)

There are plenty of online nurseries that sell coffee trees and you should look for the species Coffea arabica which produces the bean we are most familiar with in North America.

Be patient with your tree and take good care of it.  It needs to mature before it will flower and fruit and this could take a few years. It will take a couple months after the flowers fall off for the fruit (beans) to start growing.
Super impressed. Had thought that it must be possible, but great to see it laid out start to end. Great work. Somethings even more worth doing, just because most people don't think they are worth doing.
spikec (author)  stayingawhile1 year ago
Thanks! This project was fun - as a one time event. Too much work :-)
zwheel1 year ago
I've never had the opportunity to try it but I've read that the cherry's are edible and actually quite good.
zwheel zwheel1 year ago
That's something I read elsewhere on the internet. If you don't already know about it please double check it before you try it. At least, don't hold me responsible if it poisons you! I'm pretty sure it's true though because I remember reading it multiple places.
spikec (author)  zwheel1 year ago
I dunno, I chewed a few of them just for grins and they don't really taste very good. But I didn't die - best to cure and then roast them :-)
ggrk2 years ago
Congrats from another DIY and ham radio enthusiast, I actually grow 100 tons of coffee here in India! I am not able to recognise the plant variety. Looks like lemon drops variety!
spikec (author)  ggrk2 years ago
Lemon drops? I guess that would explain why these never turned red!
Thanks, this has been a mystery.
st_indigo2 years ago
Pretty amazing that you got GOOD beans - and so many - from one plant in Zone 7! I have been wondering for awhile if coffee would grow here in Los Angeles. If you could grow it there, it would probably do well here!
spikec (author)  st_indigo2 years ago
Absolutely, you could probably even put it in the ground in SoCal. Get to it :-)
bigdukeydog3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the inspiring Instructable! I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how many pounds of coffee your plant yields each year.

spikec (author)  bigdukeydog2 years ago
Sorry for the delay in responding. What you see in this 'ible is basically the full harvest of my tree, even three years later. Unfortunately where I live you can't put these things in the ground so mine resides in a large pot, which comes in the house very winter further slowing it's growth.
Kiteman4 years ago
Can you translate for non-Americans; what is a "zone 7a"?
Its the zone that cant drive in half an inch of snow :P
spikec (author)  Scott_Tx4 years ago
Hah, good one and mostly true.
hey i bet u wont say it to my face :p lol