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Introduction: DIY Coin Sorter

About: Hey guys, I am a maker. I have a YouTube channel called The Makester. I hope you enjoy my work.

You will need cardboard, a knife, and glue for this project. Make sure you cut the holes of the coins precisely, so a coin does not go in the wrong hole. Here is the link to my channel:


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Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

You will need 2 right angle pieces, 3 obtuse angle pieces, 1 large sized rectangle, 3 medium sized rectangles, 2 long piece of cardboard, 3 pieces that are 2/3 as long as the long piece of cardboard. One of those pieces should also be a little fatter than the other 2.

Step 2: Cut the Coin Slots

On the piece of cardboard that is fatter, divide the piece into 3 areas. In each area, measure the diameter of the select coin(Note that the coins will be different for each area). Then draw a rectangle box around the tracing of the coin. Make sure you start with the coin that has the smallest diameter. The use a knife to cut the rectangle boxes.

Step 3: Glue It All Together and Enjoy Your Coin Sorter

The instructions for this is in the video. Make sure you glue the cardboard properly, and be very gentle. Once you finish, you will have a great coin sorter. I hope you enjoy it.



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