DIY Coin Sorting Machine / Self Sorting Coin Bank





Introduction: DIY Coin Sorting Machine / Self Sorting Coin Bank

For complete step by step video tutorial refer above video !!!


Very easy for kids

▶Version 2.0 of coin sorting machine - Automated version -

▶Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Materials Required

  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3 Bottle Caps
  • Pencil & Scale
  • Ruler

Step 2: Cut Cardbaord Pieces of Given Dimensions

Step 3: Stick Together to Make a Box for Storage of Coins ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 4: Make Total 3 Boxes Bcoz I Used to Sort 3 Sizes of Coins ( REFER VIDEO )

you can increase the no of boxes as per various sizes of coins you have

Step 5: Cut Cardboard Pieces for Main Body ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 6: Stick Together to Build Main Body ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 7: Place 2 Cardboard Pieces at Equal Distance to Make Compartments for the 3 Boxes ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 8: Place the 3 Boxes Inside the Gaps ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 9: Take the Cardboard Piece to Make the Sorting Mechanism ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 10: Make 0.3 Cm Thick Strip of Line Using Ruler and Pencil ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 11: Place Smallest Coin on Right Side and Mark the Circle Around It , Similarly Do It for Next Bigger Circle and Leave the Biggest Coin Untouched ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 12: Make Rectangular Blocks Around the Marked Circles ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 13: Cut Off the Rectangles and Place 1 Cm Cardboard Strip Vertically on the 0.3 Thick Strip ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 14: Stick the Mechanism As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 15: Place a Small Cardboard to Guide the Coins in Proper Slots ( for Testing Demonstration Highly Recommend to Watch the VIDEO )

Step 16: Cover Up the Main Body to Make It Look Good and Make a Slot on the Top for Inserting the Coins ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 17: Stick Bottle Caps on the Drawers Below Indicating the Sequence of Sizes of Coins ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 18: Place a Small Indicator on the Top to the Slot of Insertion of Coins ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 19: And You Are Good to Go .. Time to Sort Your Coins With Ease :)



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