DIY Collapsible Zipper Box





Introduction: DIY Collapsible Zipper Box

This is an instructable on a fabric/cardboard box that i saw at some store and knew I needed to make one. Its great for organization because when you don't put stuff in them than they fit practically anywhere. All you have to do is unzip the bottom and it completely flattens out.

NOTE: I didn't take pictures while building it unfortunatly, I just completely forgot. However, I did take pictures of the end product and the tools and materials.

Step 1: Materials and Tools




-Fabric(of your choice

- Zipper


-Sewing Machine


-Layout Tools

Step 2: Layout and Cutting

The nice thing about this project is you can make them whatever size you want as long as you keep it a rectangle or square. So layout your design onto your cardboard and cut out your 4 pieces for the walls, and you don't need a piece of cardboard for the bottom. Next cut out your fabric piece for the sides, but be sure to make it a bit bigger than the cardboard pieces. It will be two fabric pieces that cover the cardboard pieces sides.

Step 3: Sewing

Now that you have all your pieces cut it's time to start sewing. I used heavy duty upholstery thread just for added durability. Now make a seam at every corner to keep the cardboard pieces separate from each other. You should now hem the bottom of the rectangle and then slip in your cardboard pieces in their own compartment. Then hem the top to seal them in. You should now have a rectangle with no bottom that is easily collapsable.

Step 4: Bottom and Zipper

Now cut out your bottom piece for your rectangle and then cut it diagonally. Then for the zipper sew it into the diagonal cut you just made. Then sew your rectangle onto your rectangle bottom. Test to make sure it all works and you're DONE !



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    could you add a photo of the finished box collapsed and ready to use so a person could see what they were aiming for?

    I have a bunch of these from ikea and wish I had more but they sell them in packs of several sizes bundled together so I'd end up with loads spare I think I might try this method but with Velcro as I have lots of that thank you

    Ikea sells these here in Australia

    Really? Ikea sells them. haha thats cool

    This is really cool! I'd love to see some more progress shots or a pattern layout or something to make it easier to replicate!

    ya i wish I had more pictures too, sorry. However if I make a few more I will try to remember to document the process better.

    That looks like a great design!