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Step 1: My Current Compost Heap Works Fine But Doesn't Break the Grass Clippings and Tables Wastes Down Very Fast.

I have a store bought one (I know I know, but it was a father's day gift). It makes quick work of table scraps. Barrels like these keep animals out and invite insect larva (the good kind). The larva look like meal worms and the can eat what we don't in a matter of hours. Because of how quickly they devour food scraps, you can put meat, cheese, and other things you couldn't in an open compost pile. One word of advice to those who may try this, shredded paper products will offer much need carbon due to the high nitrogen levels of food scraps. I run newspaper, cereal boxes and junk mail through a simple office shredder and put a couple handfuls in when the compost gets too slimy. The paper breaks down in a week or so. <br>To learn more go to http://www.composting101.com/c-n-ratio.html <br>The one I have, if anyone cares: Lifetime 60028 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler
I found out what the larvae were. <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetia_illucens
Whoa, nice! Composting newbies might appreciate some some info on the mechanics and ways to work a tumbler like this.

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