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Introduction: DIY Concrete Lamp - Led String Light

For this instructables I will be making a Concrete Lamp.

I will used these lights for an end table. What's nice about these lights, all the electronics are hidden. A simple project that require very little tools. This can enhance any space. You can go as big as you like. Just take the same concept I used in this projects and you'll be on you way. See below for a complete list of what I used to make this project.

Here are the materials I used

- Litom Led String Lights
- Glass Vase 10 1/2 Inch

-1 inch Weather strip foam

- PVC Pipe

- Concrete

Tools I used

Types of Tools I used

- Miter Saw

- Hand shovel

- Hot Glue Gun

- Palm Sander -

- Drill

- Masonry bit sit -

- Oscillating tool

Step 1: Cutting PVC to Size

I cut the PVC first to create a straight edge. Then I set my stop block to make a 5 inch cut on the miter saw.

Make as many as you like I made two.

Since the piece of pvc was outside collecting dirt. I gave a quick was down so no dirt transfer to the form.

Step 2: Make a Place Holder

Inside the form it needs to be hollow to hold the LEd controller.

You can use what ever you come up with. I two water bottles as a place holder. Keep in mind the water needs to me centered in the form.

I made the water bottles 1.5 in below the rim of the PVC.

Step 3: Adding Weather Strip

The top of the form need to be small enough at the top for the vase to cover. I used a foam weather strip to prevent the cement from filling this area. 1 inch Weather strip foam

To cover the bottom of the PVC I used a Plastic warp . Then used masking tape to hold it in place.

Step 4: Mixing Concrete

Take a bucket add concrete then water. Mix the concrete with a small shovel.

Step 5: Making the Concrete Form

Place the bottle in the center then pour the cement mix. Add a small amount then used a mallet or a hammer to tap the outside of the PVC. This will help the cement fall to the bottom. Keep an eye on the bottle. When I was tapping the PVC I notice the bottle was attempting to rise to the top.

Now vibrate the for using sander. During the vibrating process I used a nail to hold the bottle down.

Step 6: Removing the PVC

I let the form sit for a few days to cure. The bottom was completely covered with concrete. Not a big deal I took a hammer and broke the thin layer.

Now I normally use some kind of oil to help with the release process. However I forgot to add oil. To remove the PVC I made two cuts 2 to 3 inch apart. I made sure to not go all the way through the PVC while using a hack saw. Try not damage the form. Then I pull the cut section out.

The PVC will release easily.

Step 7: Sand the Form

I didn't sand the body of the form. It was very smooth. The top however required some work because the vase didn't fit. This was something I knew I would have to address before I started.

To sand the I used a 60 grit sand paper.

Then drill out the top with a masonry bit . The bit pressed down the plastic bottles down so I was forced to remove it. My intention was to keep it in the form. Not a big deal though.

Next I notched out a channel for the power wire to pass through.

Step 8: Adding the LED Lights

Pass the string lights through the hole. The pass the IR receiver through the hole as well. Connect the light to the controller, then the transformer to the control. Now place inside the concrete.

Apply hot glue to the channel then place the wire in the channel. Add a little more glue on top. I didn't show it,but I also added hot glue to hold the IR in place.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Now install the wire in the vase and place the vase on the concrete base. Plug it in and your ready to go!

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    Really beatiful !.... hack the lamp !

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    Doesn't look like anything is used to secure the base. And he probably didn't need to use anything since he sanded just enough to fit the vase over.

    Fine, But we need to know about the concret mixing ratios such as mud, cement and other items. In what proportions.

    they look really good,I had a question in mind for my version if the build,how about EL wire suspended in mineral oil?(off course secured to the vase at the top)

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    Wonder if you used oil for easy pvc removing how the concrete will look like?
    Maybe you can cover it with clear acrylic coat..

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