This instructable will show you how to make these concrete planters in few easy steps. The planters look rustic and adding a little golden design helps to get rid of the ordinary look.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this geometric vase you'll need:

  1. Concrete or cement (and sand),
  2. Primary and secondary containers- paperboard cartons,
  3. Rubber gloves,
  4. Bucket or anything to mix concrete/cement,
  5. A stick to mix the concrete/cement.
  6. Scissor, anti-cutter
  7. Glue,
  8. Brown scotch tape.
<p>great tut</p><p>one suggestion though instead of making the drainage hole on the bootom make it an inch or so on the side this way you create a resovour of water and need to water less often</p><p>ps will add photod once i make a few myself</p>
<p>This is actually harmful to the plants. A &quot;reservoir&quot; of water in the bottom of the pot loses all oxygen, which causes the roots that reach that layer to rot, and can infect the rest of the plant. As well, it encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which can also be harmful to your plants.</p>
<p>great work. i've used a wine cork for the drain hole !! next i will be making a custom mold using milk carton style material as shared above. this is the cheapest, easiest way i believe. <br>this is my first attempt with readily available plastic containers. however it will have to be made much more accurate and custom. i will be using your steps. <br>thank you for sharing !</p>
<p>I'm new on this site, and really like it, Im also new on home gardens , and this tutorial make me think in a lot of ideas, because some times you want a specific planter size, height etc, really like it, when I do it, will send you a photo. Keep sending this kind of ideas for us new crafters and home gardeners.</p>
<p>Nice work with the concrete, I'm going to try this out this weekend.</p>
<p>Thanks! share a picture if you make one :)</p>
<p>Oh it looks like I missed so many new ibles these days...I love these planters!!</p>
<p>Thanks so much Linda! I'll be posting more these days :)</p>
<p>Yay! Good to know!! :D</p>
<p>Wow :) The planter looks great. Elegant design!</p>
<p>Thank you Passion Bake! I'm glad you like the design :)</p>
<p>This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Thank you sunshiine!</p>
<p>These are great! I love how you remembered to include a drainage hole and I like the yellow patterns :)</p>
<p>Thanks so much! Last time I didn't drill drainage holes so I kept that in mind this time :) Glad you like'em!</p>
Charlie Brown called... he wants his shirt back!!! great work!
<p>Ha ha! too bad it's all concrete now :p Thanks!</p>
<p>Very nice Muhaiminah :), loved the idea for drainage holes :) </p>
<p>Thanks Tarun! I posted the tutorial mainly to show how to make drainage holes on concrete planters without drilling. </p>

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