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Lately every party I host for my children I have been making these party favors. They are great and colorful, plus the kids love them! They are very simple to make, but be warned, they do make a mess ;)!

You’ll need:

I have linked all the materials you need above so you can find them easily. The cracker snaps were a bit hard to find. The links are amazon and ebay affiliate links, so if you end up wanting to make these please buy your materials through my links as it really helps me out and allows me to work on more projects! Thanks! :)

Step 1:

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Making your own confetti is super easy. Simply cut fringe into crepe
paper and trim it to create tiny little squares. I like to add in store-bought gold star confetti for extra sparkle!

katvanlew1 year ago

These would be perfect for a New Years Eve party!