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On a camping trip with our new Cub Scout troop and their families, one of the projects that was done while we were there was to meet Elective 12a, making solar prints as part of the Nature Crafts Elective that we were trying to fulfill while on this camping trip.

The Cub Scouts all picked out their respective leaves, placed them on the black construction paper provided and placed one or two rocks on the leaf, before leaving it in a sunny spot to make the print.

My son's leaf solar print did not show up, (as shown in the last photo) and this was not acceptable to me - the crazy-Engineering-craft-loving mom who likes to see things through and to see them work.

We were given additional sheets of black construction paper to perform the experiment/craft at home, and one weekend of sunlight, we did just that.

I titled this Instructable "DIY Construction Paper Solar Prints" because I looked for online tutorials about performing solar prints, only to be disappointed in finding people purchased a special kind of solar paper to do their prints. Although those prints come out really cool with the color changing paper, we used the materials we had on hand (hence the less expensive route) and I was happy that all three of my children (ages 3, 4 and 8) were interested in the project and were able to do it.

Amazing work, well done. Where can you buy construction paper from? :)
DeandrasCrafts (author)  spaceofhearts1 year ago

I get mine at any craft store or big box store like Wal-Mart. I'm not entirely sure it would be readily available out of the States though so that could be a good question, other than get it online from the links above. Thanks for the kind words!

I remember doing this in kindergarten, although I think assumed it was magic. Looks like the kids loved it and you made way more educational than my teachers did. Nice job, thanks for sharing!

Thanks MsSweet! My kids have a good 15-minute at a time attention span so it was good this craft was done in pieces of time. I think the 4 -year old enjoyed it the most!