DIY Copper Metal Wire Shelf


Introduction: DIY Copper Metal Wire Shelf

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It doesn't take too much to create your own cool shelves with metal. Copper is inexpensive when used carefully and this easy copper wire shelf uses less than 3 feet of wire and a small oak board.

Using copper pipes is really easy, just get yourself a cheap hacksaw or heavy wire cutters to cut the wire.

In the plumbing aisle there is a wealth of parts to use, including pvc, steel and copper. Most of these are really easy to cut with a hacksaw.

Step 1: How to Make Metal Shelving

Here is just one example of a simple DIY Copper Shelf


  • 6 feet of 6 gauge copper wire - enough to make two shelves (~ $1.50 foot)
  • 10" x 6" x 3/4" oak board
  • 1/4" crown stapler or bent nails, or hot glue


With the 6 gauge wire, create a form from something else, or shape it to be a shelf with your hands. Just place the oak board on the metal and either hot glue it or nail the wire to the board. Simply hang the shelf on a nail or screw from the wall.

A couple of shelves like this will easily hold a few light-weight objects and should cost you about $6 - $8 per shelf.

Step 2: See Video for More Metal Shelf Ideas

We have a lot more metal shelf ideas ready for you on our video.



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    these are beautiful! how much does it cost to make a shelf?

    1 reply

    Thanks, with the oak and the wire it is about $4 for each shelf.