Picture of DIY Wine Cork Board: recycle and upcycle
Here is a quick guide on how to make your own cork board from discarded materials!  ...and no big power tools are required.

I got the corks from some one who posted an ad on and the plywood at a wood shop (they did not need it any more).  The other materials that you will need are:

- a ruler
- a pencil, pen or marker
- a steak knife (or any small serated knife) to cut the corks
- wood glue
- masking tape/painters tape
- some water base paint for the frame
- a small brush
- a hot glue gun and some sticks of glue
- some water base wood finish
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Step 1: Processing the corks!

Picture of processing the corks!
To get some of the smell off of the corks, you can soak them in a water + white vinegar mix for a couple of hours.  I have also read that just putting them outside on a sunny day will take most of the smell away... I have not tested that one.

Once you have soaked the corks, let them dry for an hour or so and get ready to cut them!

BE CAREFUL!!!  Cutting the corks on half longwise is a bit tricky yet it will double the amount of corks for the board plus it is easier to set them and glue them to the board.

While I was cutting the corks, I grouped them by colour and shape which proves helpful if you plan on making a specific design.
What if you used the corks to make a dart board. you would cut them in half and arrange them in a circular pattern. Then paint them.
razorwinged (author)  jackjackboom2 years ago
yup, that would be awesome! it would be tricky yet quite possible to do. basically you could just cut all of the corks in an angle instead of a straight line long wise to get triangle shapes. that would make the circular shape easier to achieve. also, i would only use wine corks because the sparkling wine/champagne ones have a mushroom-like shape which would be harder to fit in. that's a great idea! i must collect more corks! : )
gosphero2 years ago
Another great reason to drink wine.
useraaaaa2 years ago
so what is the purpose of this SquareInTheFrame?

what to do with 1500 gallons of wine?
onlinebeat2 years ago
very interesting concept!
razorwinged (author)  onlinebeat2 years ago
Dlowe0892 years ago
Neat! This reminds me if a project that a buddy if mine did (he runs a small recording studio and back line company), with some variation and insulation behind the cork he made combination sound diffusion/absorption panels. And I must say the acoustic treatment was cheap, effective, and a visual statement.
razorwinged (author)  Dlowe0892 years ago
oh, nice! that's a great idea.
Awesome! It's even great just as a decoration!
razorwinged (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
thanks! yeah, it is neat to check out the designs and messages on the corks. i even found one that could be redeemed for a complimentary tasting at the winery.