Dress up with a friend this Halloween for twice the fun! Couples costumes are always fun to make and a hit at the parties.
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The song may be played out, but the geometric near-nudity of these Somebody I Used to Know costumes is always a good look.
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Pick up a rack of triceratops ribs in your foot-powered car in these easy-to-replicate Fred and Wilma costumes.
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Get goaty this Halloween with a pair of cloven-hooved costumes that should earn you a strong following of maenads.
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With oil drain pans for wheels, this Segway costume should get you rolling this Halloween.
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Leave a mark on this year's Halloween party.
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You'll need some light metalworking skills to make these riveting robot costumes. Or some creativity with cardboard and foil.
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Frankenberry and Count Chocula costumes should score you some creativity points this Halloween. Milk it for all it's worth, and watch out for anyone dressed as a cereal killer.
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The nameless, faceless stormtroopers get adorable in these kids' wonderful Star Wars costumes.
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This is either a dead-on Monkey Island couple's costume, or a pretty darn good pair of pirates. Vests and sashes and khaki pants means you can probably finish this over a weekend.
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This one stretches the definition of couple's costumes, but we'll go ahead and include it because CUTE.
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$20 or so for a totally adorable pair of Pixar-inspired costumes. Scroll way down to see the ultra-easy Eve explanation.
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Suit. Sunglasses. Massive prop gun.
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Polystyrene sheets get a little warm inside, so this costume includes a built-in fan for comfort.
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Sure, the author only documents the creation of a single green army man. But you can make more than one. That's allowed. A green army of one isn't much of an army.
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Technically not a couple's costume, but a bold parent could easily strap a baby dressed as Clank to his or her back.
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