Step 1: To Do a LIQUID ERASER You Need!

To do a DIY Liquid ERASER you need :
1) Tic Tac Box;
2) Fimo Sticker Decoration;
3) Water;
4) Glitter;
5) Oil (I use Hair Oil);
6) Erasers;
7) Glue gun.

Step 2: In This Tutorial I Show You How to Make DIY Craft: LIQUID ERASER!

Step 3: Step-by-Step Tutorial!!!

Step 4: Absolutely Adorable, Super Cute and Easy Liquid Eraser With Box From Tic-Tac.

Step 5: Try to Make Yours Unique Liquid Eraser TicTac!!!!

Step 6: I Hope You Guys Enjoy This Liquid Diy School Supply Video.

I'm doing this for my grade 6 exploratory because it's awesome! ?
I like it. How is it???? My water eraser Is not so much good but next time I will try to make awesome.
<p>So cool!</p>
Nice. I will make this
Very cute! I would have loved this when I was a girl! I mis-read and thought it was &quot;liquid paper&quot;! Oops! stickers &amp; glitter make everything fun! You always do a wonderful instructable!
<p>Thank you so much!!!!</p>

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