video DIY Creeper Plush
HI guys, this is Bob my little creeper plush. You can learn to make him in this video. 


   HEAD:   6 squares measuring 4cm by 4cm
   BODY:   2 rectangles measuring 4cm by 6cm
                  2 rectangles measuring 6cm by 2cm
                  2 rectangles measuring 4cm by 2cm

   LEGS:  16 rectangles measuring 2cm by 3cm
                   8 squares measuring 2cm by 2cm

 For the decorative pixels I cut 0.5cm by 0.5cm squares of different shades of green and white.

Very cute bob the creeper!
dkline51 year ago
The mouth is incorrect
Zabzab (author)  dkline51 year ago

My mistake indeed. Bob is a baby creeper, let s say his teeth didn't grow out yet ^_^

OMG! That is so adorable! I couldn't tell how big it was from the main image and was so happy to see it was adorably small!

Zabzab (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thanks ^_^ Bob is a baby creeper!!!

tacocats1 year ago
creeper go boom boom