Introduction: DIY Cribbage Pegs

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How to make your own cribbage pegs- nice metal ones that are customizeable (or just an easy way to make replacements if yours are broken).

Step 1: Materials

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You need:
  • Rivets in the size of your cribbage holes (usually 1/8", occasionally 3/8")
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Paints (I used fluorescent enamels, to make sure I'd be¬†prepared for Blacklight Cribbage)
  • Some kind of glue that works on metal

Step 2: Pull Rivets Apart

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Use your pliers to grip the head of a rivet, tip of the rivet pointing down. Press down on a hard surface until the rivet head comes loose and can be slid off.

Step 3: Paint Heads

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Paint your rivet heads.
Let dry.

Step 4: Glue and Re-attach Heads

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Read the instructions on how to use your type of glue. Metal glue can be surprising.
Place your pegs into the holes in your cribbage board. Spread glue near the base (but definitely not touching the board.
Slide your painted heads, big side down, onto the pegs until they are flush with the board.
Let dry.

Step 5: Play Cribbage!

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Or keep score of something else (you may have noticed that my board is not a typical cribbage board but rather a board I made).


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