Step 1: Crochet Dog Harness

Gather materials
    Dog (or cat, or, whatever pet you need to put a leash on)
    Para-cord / Nylon twine (I'd suggest against cotton, or, hemp, because they tend to rot.) 
    Crochet hook 
    Hardware (buckle, clip, clasp, etc.)
Optional (measuring tape, lighter, yarn or embroidery needle)
Great instructable! Could you tell me more about the material you used, what kind of paracord did you use, or what type of nylon twine?
I has greyhound too! It would be cool if you could make a martingale collar like this.
I really like the idea I'm gonna make one for my dog that is very good at unleashing himself from the harness. WELL DONE
Be sure to keep it snug, crochet stitches can stretch. So that little extra slack could end up a few inches.
Ok thanks!
Nice idea, and I really like that you included a link to basic crochet instructions. That is useful to both beginners and rusty former experts.
Nice. Very nice design! Now he can be safely harnessed and stylish :)

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