DIY Crocheted Bangles





Introduction: DIY Crocheted Bangles

Throughout the summer, I wear these bracelets! Pink is my fav color. They are very comfortable and can be mixed and matched with other bracelets. This is gonna be a hit again for next summer!

To do this you need: Bangles, best is fashion jewelry crochet hook String (Every style, thick, thin, polyester is more robust and can’t be destroyed even it gets wet!)

Step 1:

We start with a simple loop. With the help of this loop you crochet around the bangle. Crochet the string from the front and from the back side.

Step 2:

Draw together the crocheted part, so there are no gaps.

Place before the end of the remaining starting string on the bangle along and crochet. Then we need not end up looking after two “ends”.

Step 3:

In the end, cut the loop and pull firmly. To fix use a little glue. Cut the crochet string.

Step 4:

I used some chinese knotting cord, they are silky but also rough.

Have fun

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    These are so cute! And I see you did them in pink, which is, of course, the best color :D

    I also prefer the pink one! It goes with everything!

    Very pretty...