Step 8: Another likes Basketball

Materials: 2 pennies pre-1983. Paper clips for embossing.

I made these basket balls by embossing pennies with paperclips. The paper clips were shaped to match the curves of a basket ball and them hammered onto the pennies. The relief lines are filled with paint pen.
tomsmac2 years ago
the zinc pennies are annoying ...but they come in handy for pouring cufflinks.I might make an instructable for that.Your instructables are very inspiring!
Mrballeng (author)  tomsmac2 years ago
Hey! Thanks a lot!
Schober2 years ago
Expert use of a penny. Never would've thought of that.
wanna beco3 years ago
ok, why pre 83 pennies?
Mrballeng (author)  wanna beco3 years ago
Those are solid copper while pennies made after are zinc coated with copper.
Great instructions, I'm seeing more techniques that are new ideas to me here than I have for a long time.