I've started indoor gardening and I must say, it's really addictive! But what's fun in putting all the plants in plain pots? So I decided to make a cup garden. I've been wanting to make a fairy garden for a long time but made something quite similar this time. Might try to make a fairy garden next time.

Best thing about this cup garden is that I used cactus, succulent and wall plants, which require very low water and care. You can take it outside easily for a little sunlight and it's a great candy to the eye!

I'll take you step by step to making a cup garden of your own.

Check out the ible!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this cup garden you'll need:

  1. Old cup and saucer
  2. Small rocks and mixed soil
  3. Cactus and succulents
  4. Wall moss and plants
  5. Wooden crafts sticks or twigs
  6. Craft glue or hot glue gun
  7. X-acto knife and cutting pliers
  8. Ruler and pencil
  9. Mosaic stones

<p>Nice. It's cute. It reminds me of a picnic with tea cups in the garden.</p><p>This is truly magical.</p>
<p>Do you have any recommendations on where the best place to get mini plants are? I wanted to make this as a b-day gift, but I can't find the plants anywhere.</p>
<p>One little bit of info might be useful to you - cacti &amp; succculents like hot, dry bright conditions, but some mosses like shade &amp; cool &amp; damp, and will die in bright sunlight. (I speak from experience of moss gardening !)</p><p>The fern (?) with tiny leaves used as a tree behind the bench works <br>brilliantly - but I have never seen one like it. Do you happen to know<br> what type it is ? Thanks.</p>
<p>Thanks for the suggestion, I have never had moss or fern in my mini gardens so that was experimental. You're right, the moss wasn't a good idea for this garden. The plant with small leaves grow all around my garden and concrete walls, so I thought it might a kind of moss.</p>
<p>That's not a fern. It looks like thyme, which is a fine leaved herb that likes hot dry conditions.</p>
Excellent work ! Very beautiful :)
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Amazing! I love it!</p>
<p>Thanks Linda!</p>
<p>Love this! Really clever and looks amazing. Only recently discovered these succulents and air plants so it's great to come across this when I'm trying to think of ways to display them. </p>
<p>Thanks! Glad to know my ible was helpful, hope you have fun making one :)</p>
<p>I love this!! Great way to make a tiny planter into something magical :)</p>
<p>Thanks so much! obsessed with miniatures! </p>
<p>thank you its very nice idea, i will try it indeed.</p>
<p>Nice touch .</p>
<p>ha-ha! LOVE the TINY LADDER!! <strong>x^D</strong></p>
<p>Awsome! </p>
<p>cool project</p>
<p>tank you </p>
Amazing, stupid question, how would one maintain ? watering / plant growth etc
<p>Once you have a drainage hole drilled, just water like any other pot. Don't put any cactus or succulent plant in a pot with no drainage hole. Don't forget to fertilize during the summer months. Cacti love tomato fertilizer. Keep your plants cool and don't water more than once a month during the winter.</p>
<p>Thanks! these plants require very low water, I usually water them 2-3 times in a month! Use a dropper to water.</p>
<p>The author mentions in Step 2 to drill a hole in the bottom of the cup.</p>
<p>I use second hand cups and mugs from the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores for cactus plants all the time. Drilling holes is easy. You can get diamond drills cheap on EBay. turn the cup upside down and fill the depression in the bottom of the cup with water, then drill with a regular drill press. I use regular cactus soil. There is no need to put pebbles in the bottom of the pot if you have a drainage hole drilled. Just put a piece of paper towel over the hole to prevent the soil from washing out.</p>
<p>instead of moss you could use thyme or camomile, both smell lovely and like dry conditions, I have a preference for camomile as it both smells nicer so could be kept on the windowsill in bedroom and in the evening could be nice as you go to bed as has a calming effect. also can be kept more trim and close cropped than thyme. Lovely project though, hope I get the time this summer to help my sons make this?!</p>
<p>OMG this is adorable! An easy project to do with my sons this summer, they always get so bored when I ask them to help and get frustrated because they arent really strong enough to do some of the things I need help with or like footing a ladder can be pretty dull while dad trims the hedge! this could be something they could make and treasure as their own, Thank you so much for the inspiration?!</p>
<p>I Love this cute little Garden made with a cup &amp; saucer! I'm definitely inspired-I have these hanging around the house &amp; I am running out of room for them-but they'll make great gifts; esp. for Mother's Day, Birthdays &amp; even Get Well or Cheer Up Gifts. I just hope I am as good at making those cute ladders, bench's &amp; things as you are! Great Job-It looks Fabulous!</p>
<p>This is beautiful but might not be sustainable given the different moisture requirements of various plants, as mentioned by frank.</p><p>If the fern dries out or the cacti drown, maybe cut out a plastic slice to separate the moss from the cacti ? Also, I would have used a dremel diamond bit to drill a couple holes at the bottom of the cup to allow for drainage/oxygenation of the roots.</p><p>I love the concept though !</p>
<p>You can buy diamond glass cutting bits on ebay for just a couple of dollars, they won't bore many holes but would be perfect for something like this.</p>
<p>Beautiful, stunning</p>
Nice and Beautiful......<br>
<p>Thank you so much!</p>

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