Picture of DIY Custom Color Nail Polish!
Have you ever needed a slightly different shade of nail polish than the one you have?
Have you ever wished your nail polish had a little bit more sparkle?
Have you ever wanted your nail polish to dry faster?
Ever needed a custom color of nail polish but didn't want to commit to an entire bottle?
Have you ever wanted your nail polish to match your eye shadow?
Do you like chocolate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this tutorial is for you!  :)

Step 1: Change the coverage!

Picture of Change the coverage!
diy nail polish with eye shadow for max coverage.jpg
teal nail polish kicked up with eyeshadow to match color perfection.jpg
I bought some nail polish that just wasn't what I had hoped.
I know I should just take more time and put on 3 thin coats of polish...
but I couldn't wait that long.

Take some dry eyeshadow that matches the color pretty close...
and add it right to your nail polish!
It instantly made one coat coverage THIS much better!
(don't look too close at my old-yard-work hands!)
NeoMe7 months ago
NeoMe7 months ago
Whodathunkit...You did! Awesome! As other poaters have said, *cheers* Here to using my horde of undesirable eye shadows! Ms. Mix-A-Lot is gonna go to town today! Thank you for sharing!!
kodiwoedee1 year ago
Wonderfully wicked wizardry!
Nixen_Blue1 year ago
This is the perfect way to use all the eye shadow colors I NEVER use in my pallets. They're pretty colors and I always felt like I was wasting so much make up cause I never ever used them. Thanks for fixing that problem for me! (:
ddevronn1 year ago
can't wait to try this out
Saadina 1 year ago
this is just amazing!
Saadina 1 year ago
this is just amazing!
Wynd2 years ago
Awesome! Totally going to go buy several cheap bottles of clear nail polish and those wickedly bright dollar store eyeshadows ;)

Until then I will play with the non-committal way and see what I come up with :D
Nekolove02 Wynd2 years ago
I Wanna Do That Too ._.

doodlecraft (author)  Wynd2 years ago
That's what I did too! Have fun! :)
HollyMann2 years ago
awesome tip!
doodlecraft (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thanks Holly! :)
artworker2 years ago
You Maam are totally awesome!
You remind me of Gretchen Grundler + The Ashleys (Refer Disney's Recess)
The Stylish Geek!
doodlecraft (author)  artworker2 years ago
Haven't seen it, but yes, sounds like me! (except the stylish part)
Thanks! :)
Ma Barley2 years ago
This is really cool. THANKS FOR POSTING!
doodlecraft (author)  Ma Barley2 years ago
Thanks! :)
addielynn112 years ago
This is SUCH a great idea! Im going to go go try that right now omg!!! I definitely voted for you, and please go and check my 'money does grow on trees' instructable in the make to learn youth contest!
doodlecraft (author)  addielynn112 years ago
Thanks! Love the hidden money in fruit...maybe for kids lunches! Thanks again, hope you have lots of nail painting fun! :)
kathryn$$$2 years ago
What's up with the chocolate
doodlecraft (author)  kathryn$$$2 years ago
Ha ha! Yeah, sometimes I add stuff in there just to see if people really read it! :)
Yes, this is great. I have lots of left over nail polish and eye shadows that I can experiment with now. Any tips on how to thin nail polish that's a bit too dry? Would you add acetone?
rimar20002 years ago
Very clever idea, I will apply it.
So many cool colors! I love that non-committal method, wouldn't have thought of that :)
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! I like that too! Now my trove of nail polishes could be reduced to just a few...then I'd start hoarding eye shadow! :)
I used to hoard eye shadow, now it is one of the few things I don't, might have to get back into that :D
pie popper2 years ago
That's fantastic! Can't wait to try it :D
doodlecraft (author)  pie popper2 years ago
I hope you do! I keep thinking of new combo's I want to try...maybe something iridescent! :)
Awesome idea Nat :D
doodlecraft (author)  The King of Random2 years ago
Thanks! :)
pharmgirl342 years ago
This seems like a fantastic way to use up eyeshadow that is past it's age (been at the bottom of my makeup drawer for years)! Thanks!
doodlecraft (author)  pharmgirl342 years ago
Yes! It makes those fun bright colors that you might not wear on your eye, perfect for your nails! :)