DIY Custom Keychains! (Dice)





Introduction: DIY Custom Keychains! (Dice)

Keychains on the cheap, makes a great gift.
Screw eyes, chain, and something small of your choosing!
I used D20's (Dungeons and Dragons, and other RPG dice) for my flash drives.

Step 1: What You Need

Small Screw Eyes............ 14 for $1.50
Small Chain....................... $0.32 per foot
Dice..................................... $0.65 each

Drill Press
Vise Grips (closing links and screwing in eyes)
Wire Cutters (bending links open)

Step 2: Make IT!

Drill a hole for the screw eye, slightly smaller than the threads.
Screw in the screw eye, you will need pliers to assist in this.
Use pliers or wire cutters to pull apart links in the chain.
Put the chain through the screw eye, and pinch shut with pliers.
Attach to keys, flash drives, or whatever!

Step 3: Done!

Give away as small gifts to your D&D; buddies, or put them on your flash drives so you stop loosing the little boogers :P



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    I love this idea! I know what my gamer friends are getting for Christmas this year ;) Thanks for sharing! Made one for my cellphone!

    Cool! i like it! going to have a go at making one!

    I just made mine into a necklace and i love it

    Thank You for the awesome instructable!!! :D

    Love the idea by using dice; I should do that with my keychain. 

    why do you have so many d20s that you can spare? lol

    4 replies

    When i started playing rpg games i ordered a pound-o-dice, available from many online retailers and ebay, and i got a lot of d20's in that. Otherwise gaming stores usually sell dice individually for 30-80 cents a piece.

     wow... i just looked up "pound-o-dice". that's a lot of dice...

    yeah, i split it with a friend, and still find myself buying more dice :)

    also... the only comicbook store/ gaming store that was anywhere near where i lived closed down... =(

    Cthulhu for president, Why choose the lesser evil?


    a local "farm and fleet" store, but most hardware and home inprovement stores carry chain. this was like $0.49 per foot

    Use a lot of flash drives lately?