A while ago I had came across a couple of foam cutters on here that got me thinking I'd like to do something with the back deck of my 1990 Miata. Anyone that has owned a Miata knows they are lacking in any real space for a good sound system.  I had one of those typical ugly square gray carpet boxes laying on the back deck that I was never happy with. I always like the "back deck look of the Pontiac Solstice, that fiberglass wind screen look really has caught my attention, I had to try it!

Step 1: Instructables Original Techniques

First off (before I list any materials) let me give credit to instructables members for your creativity and imagination to help me create this one off design. The many different techniques I used to create these came mostly from this site and it's members, Foam cutters, tool tips, fiber glassing, etc. You guys and girls are a cut above the rest, Thanks.

Materials used:
1 4 x 8 sheet of plywood
1 tube silicone sealant caulking
4 fiber glass packages from walmart
1 gallon fiberglass resin from Lowes with activator
1 can Krylon primer
2 cans Krylon gloss White
1 can Krylon gloss blue
Air Brush with createx paints
1 can Krylon Acrylic Clear coat
Numerous amounts of sand paper of varying grits
1 tube of bondo spot putty
1 quart of Bondo body filler
Colored felt and and T shirts
piece of Acrylic (plexi-glass)
1 jar vaseline
hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 can 777 3m spray adhevsive

Additional parts and tools to finish project:
Dremel with cutting kit and engraving bits
Circular saw
Super bright led's
various pcb parts
soldering iron
heat shrink
heat gun (or lighter)
Speaker wire

Protective Equipment used:
Long sleeved shirt
Face sheild

Now to the credits:
As I stated there were a few things you'll need to build based on some really great instructables:

Foam Cutters:

Speaker rings and fiberglass layup:

LED Circuitry and board design

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