Step 8: Turntable from keyboard

Picture of Turntable from keyboard

The TerminatorX software can use only the mouse for scratching. But there are also a couple of more functional keys on the keyboard that can enhance your scratching experience. Normally you can use your existing keyboard, but why not use a second one?

From an old keyboard I took out all the unnecessary keys, leaving only the ones compatible with the software. For example the F1 to F12 are the numbers of the virtual turntables (maximum 12) and the Tabb switches to the next one. Note that you can scratch only on one turntable at a given time. The rest of the buttons I will explain to you later.

Now, in the free space on the keyboard you can attach the mouse part and the spinning plate. You will need to plug both the keyboard and the mouse into the computer to use this table, but it is a more dedicated device. You can also use all sort of decorations on it (mine didn’t needed any because of the cool contrast of the white keys and the black plastic background).