This December it's less about the Whos in Whoville - Dr. Who is rocking this crib. Given the good doctor is still going strong after almost 50 years of episodes, the Things have been running some serious catch-up marathons. So...this years Christmas ornament gift was one of the easier decisions, at least the theme was. Thing One wanted a TARDIS, and Thing Two of course wanted a Dalek...just to be different. Both had to incorporate LED lighting...okay, that was my idea - a possible sign of excessive instructables surfing.

So, new for this year - two different ornaments. New for next year - no discussion or input, you get what you get, etc. etc.

So...here is the Dalek. TARDIS instructable coming right up.

Here are some supplies I used (this was awesome because 100% of the materials were re-used/hacked from things found in the house:

Toilet roll tube
Craft Paper
cardboard (I used some upholstry tack strips because I had them)
Upholstery tacks (if you don't have any lying around, they're a few cents each at the upholstery supply store)
Epoxy putty and Epoxy glue
Paper/Wood glue
Part of an old hanging light fixture
Rivets, washers, grommets - whatever catches your magpie eye
A couple of LED lights - I used tealight and small white lights from Halloween
Old phone wire
Solder Iron/solder
Acrylic paint (raided the Things art supplies)

On the topic of supplies, I usually like to use what is already lying around the house, and often round up stray leftovers from other projects to re-purpose. I have a treasure trove of bits and pieces...so here's my tip of the day for you: go to an estate sale (look for ads that have the key words: workshop, full garage, tools, etc.) and buy you some supplies. For $20-$30 and a friendly chat with the guy working the garage, you can usually acquire a few of those shop compartment boxes. And chances are that they are loaded with all manner of screws, nuts, connectors, grommets, etc - a lifetime's collection. And a better than average chance that they are very well labelled - you knew dude would have a label maker. I'd like to think that whoever gets mine will appreciate this dead man's taste in a lifetime's accumulated necessary parts and supplies, and will admire the organized and tidy storage. Well the last part is a lie - I'm not tidy, but do know where everything is :)

Step 1: Forming the Body

1. Find a toilet roll tube - I raided Modfrugal's stash that she was saving for making Christmas crackers. Or cut a paper towel tube down to size.

2. Mark and cut out a skinny wedge from the roll. You can always widen the wedge asyou need to.

3. Join the sides. I used the tape and ended up taking it off and gluing the ends together with craft paper - I wanted a good bond when adding the cardboard strips and thought the tape may not hold up to season after season in the attic.

4.Cut off the top end - about a quarter of the length. The cut will be angled slightly - you want the top to be level/horizontal when the base is sitting on the surface. Set it down and then eyeball it from the side to get a level cut.
<p>These are amazing truly I tend to do fundraising using a Dalek I built and selling these would be a great fundraiser. I'm trying to decide if there is a way to do mass production? Maybe a laser cutter for the cardboard. anyway if I do do anything I will make sure to comment. Favorited for you. </p>
<p>Thanks and hope this inspires an even better model...this was a first and I know it could be much improved. Maybe for your fundraising you could sell a kit instead of mass producing? Less work and would be fun for others to put together?</p>
<p>Great idea, I will consider working on that after I've finished working on my current project. May have something done by christmas time.</p>
A trick I got from Robot Room is to sand clear LEDs to make them visible. Perhaps that can help the antenae
this is awsome
<p>these are some of the best diy dealer's I have ever seen. As an up and coming whovien, these became my immediate to do project. I plan to post a pic of mine in the comments as soon as I'm done.</p>
<p>change dealer to dalek, auto correct strike again</p>
<p>Awesome...please do!</p>
So cool!
ie, the first photo: <br> <br>&quot;These don't Il-lu-min-ate, they just Dec-or-ate.&quot; :)
Well done! <br>
Decorate!<br> <br> Now, if one could fit one with LEDs, it would...<br> <br> Illuminate!<br> <br> Sorry...&nbsp;
Simply wire two LEDs to the output of a timer to make them blink... There's plenty of room in there for a battery and a circuit.
Here's another one for you Dark...have fun!
very nice, my daughter and I are mega Dr.Who fans, got our vote
I love it!!
Super cool! I'm still geeking out about it! :)
This. Is. Amazing, well done
Yes! Look at how cute he is! :D <br /> <br />This is just adorable. Thanks for such an awesome walkthrough!

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