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2012 ornaments 087.JPG
This December it's less about the Whos in Whoville - Dr. Who is rocking this crib. Given the good doctor is still going strong after almost 50 years of episodes, the Things have been running some serious catch-up marathons. So...this years Christmas ornament gift was one of the easier decisions, at least the theme was. Thing One wanted a TARDIS, and Thing Two of course wanted a Dalek...just to be different. Both had to incorporate LED lighting...okay, that was my idea - a possible sign of excessive instructables surfing.

So, new for this year - two different ornaments. New for next year - no discussion or input, you get what you get, etc. etc. is the Dalek. TARDIS instructable coming right up.

Here are some supplies I used (this was awesome because 100% of the materials were re-used/hacked from things found in the house:

Toilet roll tube
Craft Paper
cardboard (I used some upholstry tack strips because I had them)
Upholstery tacks (if you don't have any lying around, they're a few cents each at the upholstery supply store)
Epoxy putty and Epoxy glue
Paper/Wood glue
Part of an old hanging light fixture
Rivets, washers, grommets - whatever catches your magpie eye
A couple of LED lights - I used tealight and small white lights from Halloween
Old phone wire
Solder Iron/solder
Acrylic paint (raided the Things art supplies)

On the topic of supplies, I usually like to use what is already lying around the house, and often round up stray leftovers from other projects to re-purpose. I have a treasure trove of bits and here's my tip of the day for you: go to an estate sale (look for ads that have the key words: workshop, full garage, tools, etc.) and buy you some supplies. For $20-$30 and a friendly chat with the guy working the garage, you can usually acquire a few of those shop compartment boxes. And chances are that they are loaded with all manner of screws, nuts, connectors, grommets, etc - a lifetime's collection. And a better than average chance that they are very well labelled - you knew dude would have a label maker. I'd like to think that whoever gets mine will appreciate this dead man's taste in a lifetime's accumulated necessary parts and supplies, and will admire the organized and tidy storage. Well the last part is a lie - I'm not tidy, but do know where everything is :)
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starwarsgeek18 months ago
this is awsome

these are some of the best diy dealer's I have ever seen. As an up and coming whovien, these became my immediate to do project. I plan to post a pic of mine in the comments as soon as I'm done.

change dealer to dalek, auto correct strike again

Awesome...please do!

dantistus2 years ago
So cool!
Peale2 years ago
ie, the first photo:

"These don't Il-lu-min-ate, they just Dec-or-ate." :)
sibu2 years ago
Well done!

Now, if one could fit one with LEDs, it would...


Simply wire two LEDs to the output of a timer to make them blink... There's plenty of room in there for a battery and a circuit.
kouellette2 years ago
Here's another one for you Dark...have fun!
very nice, my daughter and I are mega Dr.Who fans, got our vote
I love it!!
Martyka2 years ago
doodlecraft2 years ago
Super cool! I'm still geeking out about it! :)
horus19842 years ago
This. Is. Amazing, well done
Yes! Look at how cute he is! :D

This is just adorable. Thanks for such an awesome walkthrough!