Step 2: Add the Cardboard Strips and Tack Pins

Picture of Add the Cardboard Strips and Tack Pins
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1. Cut the vertical cardboard strips - I used upholstery tack strips (we already had a bundle of 'em), otherwise would have cut out from a cardboard box. A pair of super heavy duty Fiscar scissors helps. If you don't currently own a pair, add them to the list for Santa - you won't regret it. There were just a couple of strips at the back that needed a trim up top to fit together. They don't fit tightly together at the bottom because it's wider. And that's okay.

2. Glue the strips onto the tube - I did them one at a time with white glue, walking away for ~30 minutes in between. There's probably a better way...

3. Glue two layers of strip around the base, and offset the joins. I glued one on first, then added the other.

4. Then I filled in some of the gaps with epoxy. Probably overkill, but I wanted a nice strong base, plus it looks better without the gaps and cracks.

5. Add 4 upholstery tacks to each cardbaord strip. I believe in symmetry, so drew a center line and also measured for each hole 1/2" apart. I also pre-drilled tiny holes for an easy time of it, and dry fitted the tacks to make sure all looked good.

6. Now it's time to paint the body before glueing in the tacks. I also snipped off the ends of the tacks with wire cutters - otherwise the inside would look like something out of Hellraiser.