Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now all that remains is to attach the head to the body, a bit more paint, and secure the tealight in the base.

1. The two left over original yellow LED bulbs from the tealights...I glued them to the head as antennae/ears. They don't light obviously, but I'm confident someone's Dalek Ornament 2.0 will fix that.

2. Glue the head to the body on the inside with epoxy. Firms things up nicely.

3. Glue another cardboard strip around the head/body join. It covers it up beautifully. Paint.

4. There was a hole in the front (where the light fixture switch once poked out). I just covered it up with a square of cardboard....V 2.0 I'm sure can improve on it.

5. The top part can now be painted. I did a black strip around the head, and had intentions of painting on that grill pattern that Daleks have. I let it lie though.

The last step is to glue the tealight into the base, after soldering on the wires from the bulb. On mine the short leg on the bulb was connected through the switch, the longer was connected to the battery.

<p>These are amazing truly I tend to do fundraising using a Dalek I built and selling these would be a great fundraiser. I'm trying to decide if there is a way to do mass production? Maybe a laser cutter for the cardboard. anyway if I do do anything I will make sure to comment. Favorited for you. </p>
<p>Thanks and hope this inspires an even better model...this was a first and I know it could be much improved. Maybe for your fundraising you could sell a kit instead of mass producing? Less work and would be fun for others to put together?</p>
<p>Great idea, I will consider working on that after I've finished working on my current project. May have something done by christmas time.</p>
A trick I got from Robot Room is to sand clear LEDs to make them visible. Perhaps that can help the antenae
this is awsome
<p>these are some of the best diy dealer's I have ever seen. As an up and coming whovien, these became my immediate to do project. I plan to post a pic of mine in the comments as soon as I'm done.</p>
<p>change dealer to dalek, auto correct strike again</p>
<p>Awesome...please do!</p>
So cool!
ie, the first photo: <br> <br>&quot;These don't Il-lu-min-ate, they just Dec-or-ate.&quot; :)
Well done! <br>
Decorate!<br> <br> Now, if one could fit one with LEDs, it would...<br> <br> Illuminate!<br> <br> Sorry...&nbsp;
Simply wire two LEDs to the output of a timer to make them blink... There's plenty of room in there for a battery and a circuit.
Here's another one for you Dark...have fun!
very nice, my daughter and I are mega Dr.Who fans, got our vote
I love it!!
Super cool! I'm still geeking out about it! :)
This. Is. Amazing, well done
Yes! Look at how cute he is! :D <br /> <br />This is just adorable. Thanks for such an awesome walkthrough!

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