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Pink dashiki fabric by the yard: http://bit.ly/1WoaUe9
Black dashiki fabric by the yard: http://bit.ly/1QEqq1i
Cream dashiki fabric by the yard: http://bit.ly/1QEqq1i
Blue dashiki fabric by the yard: http://bit.ly/1QEqq1i
Red orange dashiki fabric: http://bit.ly/1QEqq1i

I love how african prints and fashion are taking over the fashion scene! One of the most noted styles is probably the dashiki. I love seeing it on men but didn't find it feminine enough for us ladies yet. So I gave it my own twist and turned it into an oversized dashiki dress. It's easy to sew, quick and the result is very colorful


What you'll need:
- 2 yards/meter of dashiki fabric (mine is from Kaarta Fabrics New York)
- thread
- fabric scissors
- pins
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140 http://rstyle.me/~2ieBk)

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Step 1: Fold the Fabric

Step 2: Cut the Shape

Step 3: Fold It Double & Cut

Step 4: Pin the Sides

Step 5: Hem the Fabric

Step 6: Sew It

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