Picture of DIY Death Star Clock
Some backstory:  I recently got a 2.5' millenium falcon gift that I subsequently hung in my office... 
Well, I got a small wall decal of the death star to put on my wall, but that was sort of... lacking... in some ways.

I decided, why not make a 3D-ish Death Star myself instead?

While I was thinking about it, I also figured, why not make it somewhat functional if I can?

Materials (all available through Amazon and/or your local hobby/craft store):

Lightning "Factory Second" Prostyle #1 Driver  $6.48 shipped

Clock Movement Quartz Square Straight Black Hand Shaft 3/4" Kit   $12.95
(note:  if I were to do it again, I would suggest going with the 1/4" or 1/2" kit instead of the 3/4")

Sticky Back Foam Sheets-Basic Colors   $9.44 shipped

Black and Grey Spray paint about $4-5?

Optional but recommended:  carbon paper - about $5 as well for 10 sheets

Step 1:

Picture of
So to start off with, I resized and printed out an internet photo of the death star.
Using the carbon paper, I traced the outlines onto the frisbee.
Nox_soma made it!2 months ago
great instructable. made it for my nephew
dshorter made it!3 months ago
I attempted to make this by just free handing the design as I wanted to make it for free and happened to have most everything. I sacrificed an old cheap target clock and painted the hands to be like light sabors. I wish I had carved out the dish part instead of the lines but it was too late after I started.
rmontgomery54 months ago
What is this lightning "factory second" prostyle #1 thing? Is this the frisbee?
cannibal869 (author)  rmontgomery54 months ago
Yes it is the frisbee.
abattrick1 year ago
You should purchase a star wars x-wing and tie fighter mini, they're made of light plastic. You can find them online cheap as chips I bet, just a couple of dollars. Attach them to the ends of the hour and minute hands and they'll slowly zoom around the death star on their trench run.
wwalters12 years ago
I love your Death Star clock! Nice work. Great detail! Would love to see a DS II version.

Check out the Death Star I & II clocks I submitted as a LEGO Cuusoo project:


(It's a sort-of LEGO Kickstarter, where if a project receives 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider it for production as an actual set.)

If you like my project, please vote for it!  Thanks!
Sweet! I never would have guessed that started as a frizbee!
Hey, you should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
This was a fun and easy gift for my Star Wars brother-in-law. Needless to say he absolutely loved it! Thank you for the idea and tutorial! The only tip I have for everyone is to make the arms of the clock a contrasting sheen or color; the arms i used are hard to read when the pass over the black equator.
cannibal869 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback! I had a fun time making this and hope you will too if you decide to try it. Figured it was a good way of repurposing a Frisbee (or really any disc shaped object), and hopefully something fun you could do with your kids on a rainy day.
areyouolsen2 years ago
That is... AWESOME!! Great idea! I now know what I'm doing over xmas!
vader0ne2 years ago
A great Idea ,Great peice for the Dark side of the Force.
onemoroni12 years ago
Good use of a frisbee. Good instructable
sassygran2 years ago
Kuddos!!! Such an awsome project!
Obligatory: "That's no Clock!"
Semi-obligatory: "I think it is time we demonstrated the full power of this station."
cannibal869 (author)  bigwhitebear182 years ago
Next you need to make a battle damaged Death Star clock.
AWESOME! Can't wait to try this for hubby or my boys. The frugal crafter in me will purchase a super cheap wall clock instead of the kit. I would rate this EPIC.
dfm5002 years ago
Possibly unrelated... your office is awesome.